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Our code of conduct and policies

One Code, our code of conduct

Our code of conduct has been designed to help our employees understand our core values and the responsible behaviour expected of them to support these values.

Our code of conduct provides guidance and support for every Mitie person when undertaking their work. It draws together all of our longstanding policies and procedures into one, simple to follow guide.

The code does not provide the answer to every question our people may have or every situation they are faced with; instead it provides a set of guiding principles to follow when faced with an ethical dilemma. These principles act as a signpost to help Mitie people do the right thing.

Who does the code apply to?

Every person who works for Mitie needs to follow the requirements of the code and follow the expected standards of behaviour. The code requirements apply to all sectors and all countries in which Mitie operates without exception. Our supply chain partners, joint venture partners and contractors’ employees also need to ensure they follow the principles established in this code. Failure to do so could result in contracts being terminated.

If you’re not sure, speak up!

If something is bothering one of our employees, we wholeheartedly encourage them to speak up. One of Mitie’s core values is ‘challenge’, so if something doesn’t feel right, we want to know. There are lots of ways of doing this. Mitie people can tell a colleague, their line manager, local HR manager or get in contact via our confidential speak up line on 0800 374 199 or by visiting the independent Expolink website.

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