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Diversity and inclusion

Mitie is a diverse organisation that engages and develops its people at all levels, and seeks to demonstrate the benefits of its social value. Our new vision and values demonstrate that our diversity is a major part of who we are – we all have different skills, insight, styles, expertise and experiences. It’s what makes Mitie different and special.

Our promise to our people is to create a place to work where we at Mitie can all thrive and be our best, every day. We can only do this if our people can be themselves and feel included in all that we do. We are proud of the scale and diversity of our workforce and the breadth of skills and expertise our employees offer to our clients.

We currently have four inclusion networks that have been set up to raise awareness, actively promote understanding and provide support for Mitie people of all gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability. This year we will also be launching our Age network. 

The networks champion diverse policies and practices and support Mitie’s aim to create a place to work where everyone feels included and valued. The networks also work closely with the HR function to advise on enhancements to key policies and procedures.

What is the purpose of the networks?
  • To raise awareness of related topics across the business
  • To actively promote understanding of related topics
  • To assist in formulating new and reviewing existing policies and procedures on related topics

Our networks are open to all Mitie employees. The networks allow members to discuss issues affecting them with key decision makers, assist in formulating new and reviewing existing policies and procedures, provide a safe space for members to raise their concerns in a confidential environment, and provide an opportunity for members to update each other on local and national policy and developments. 

Each network is sponsored by a member of the Executive Leadership Team who is a role model for diversity and inclusion, and champions the agenda across the Group. 

The five networks:

Our Enable network raises awareness of disability-related topics across the business, while offering support and guidance to our colleagues and line managers. 

Our engender network working to engender equality for men and women at Mitie.

Our generations network supports our age-diverse workforce.

Our Kaleidoscope network aims to ensure an inclusive working environment for people of all ethnicities. Above all, we want to encourage our BAME talent across the business to succeed.

Proud to Be 
Proud to be is all about educating, informing and inspiring our people to be themselves by promoting an inclusive culture in the workplace, particularly around LGBT.