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We're working to engender equality for men and women at Mitie. In supporting the equality objectives of the group, our Engender network is committed to:

Measuring equality

Reviewing the gender ratio of our workforce to ensure a more balanced and equal environment. 


Targeting one specific Mitie business for three months, we are piloting a project that anonymises names on applications and CVs.

Policy review

Ensuring specific policies are gender-balanced. A range of job descriptions will be selected for review to ensure they don’t contain bias toward one gender or another.

Challenging stereotypes

We’re currently running a poster and video campaign to challenge stereotypes and will encourage and promote on equality share at the beginning of meetings. The equality share stories will be supported from our executive board and managing directors, encouraging group-wide participation.


Making sure men and women are confident in their skills and potentials. We’ll be holding workshops run by our client services business and external providers to improve our people’s skills and confidence.