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At Mitie, we’re dedicated to creating a diverse, fun and welcoming place to work. Our Kaleidoscope network helps us to achieve this by ensuring an inclusive working environment for people of all ethnicities. And they do this successfully through education and challenging unconscious bias.

Above all, we want to encourage our BAME talent across the business to succeed. In supporting the equality objectives of the group, Kaleidoscope is committed to:


Launching BAME reverse mentoring scheme across Mitie to increase the number of BAME mentors and the level of support across the business.


Improving the quality of information we have on diversity and inclusion.


Demonstrating our commitment to the governments social mobility compact policy, while increasing brand awareness in previously untapped areas of talent.


Promoting cultural awareness and training to overcome unconscious and implicit bias.

Hear about why Gary Zetter has been recognised by Race of Opportunity for his work championing race in the local community