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Improving asset performance at The University of Law


The University of Law is a great example of a client who has the fully integrated Direct Audits system executed across their estate. The University of Law is now able to manage multiple campuses and all their assets, a total of 2,075 specific assets, with ease.

The Challenge

Since 2013, Mitie has worked closely with the University of Law to implement Direct Audits.  The estate comprises of eight campuses spread across the UK, with London Moorgate as their flagship, and sister sites based in Leeds, Manchester, Chester, Birmingham, Bristol, Guildford and London Bloomsbury. 

The university had stressed its requirement for centralised reporting. They wanted more effective visibility and control of their assets, through a standardised management information system.

Prior to our involvement, each centre implemented its own system, meaning management across the portfolio was complex with each site looking after their own operations. There was little visibility with no easy analysis of asset condition, meaning full asset knowledge was either inaccurate or unavailable.

How Direct Audits has helped

Our team of auditors visited each site, collecting information on every single asset across the entire estate. The condition of each asset is documented along with its estimated life remaining allowing for prioritisation and scheduling of planned maintenance programmes and budgets accordingly, something that previously was cumbersome and complex.

The university was so impressed with the visibility and level of central control that Direct Audits provided, they have recently commissioned Mitie to carry out fire risk assessments across the estate as well.

University Board

The central management team at the University of Law is now utilising the Direct Audits system to its full potential and is benefiting from better informed decision-making.

“We’ve found it to be a dynamic reporting tool that provides very clear visuals for flagged issues. It has helped us to engage the management teams in conversations about the estate, plus the ease of creating reports means we can view the issues as we discuss them. As a package it gives us what we want.” - Adam Bamford, Director of Facilities and Estates for University of Law.

University Finance Department

The University of Law’s finance team can use the system to forecast accurate maintenance budgets based on knowing the condition and life expectancy of their assets. The information allows for making informed decisions on capital expenditure.

Their forecasts can be supported with the photographic evidence that has been collected, helping to justify the proposed investments.

Mitie Service desk

Direct Audits has enabled the Service desk to have access to a virtual view of the estate, allowing them to search for a unit by barcode reference and make more informed decisions that have improved the level of engineer first fix call rates to 81.9%.

Facilities Manager

Facilities Managers can operate more efficient maintenance strategies by utilising the asset condition and lifecycle estimation information stored in the system.

Facilities Managers can tailor maintenance schedules to particular assets by utilising the asset condition information in the system.  Planned maintenance and workflow can be captured and monitored in the system ensuring all assets are correctly maintained and compliant, thus reducing risk of failure and HSE risk.  The asset’s history is captured to enable tracking and trend analysis by the FM team, creating a relationship between workflow and asset history.  This history can then be shared with relevant parties such as insurance companies without the need to visit site.

The on-site facilities team has been utilising the system to plan maintenance and avoid failures around critical periods for them such as exam periods. The information now readily available gives the team better control over the assets and allows them to put stronger preventative measures in place. 

External Compliance Executive

Information is readily available for any external inspection or audit. Inspectors require information to be provided to a much higher standard, in more detail and at shorter notice than ever before. The peace of mind associated with having a single source of information for an entire estate is invaluable.

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