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A groundbreaking contract with Lloyds Banking Group


Fully integrated facilities management, including: cleaning, front of house, security, catering, waste management, engineering maintenance, minor capital reactive works, office space management, managing utilities expenditure, energy management and carbon emission reduction plans.

The challenge

Lloyds Banking Group previously looked after its property portfolio through an army of over 200 specialist suppliers, managed by a centralised team of Lloyds Banking Group facilities managers. Lloyds Banking Group wanted to simplify its estate by narrowing its supply chain, to achieve substantial cost and efficiency savings and remove duplicated management structures.

This is Mitie's largest contract, worth a ground breaking £155million per annum, for an initial period of five years.

This partnership demonstrates Mitie's ability to deliver sustainable, innovative solutions that produce cost and carbon savings, as well as significantly simplify the management of Lloyds Banking Group's estate.

Our thinking

Mitie was appointed to deliver a complete range of facilities and property management services, along with a comprehensive energy management and carbon emissions reduction plan.

The new, integrated delivery model, will generate significant savings over the life of the contract. The key to the success of our model is that we self-deliver the whole range of services, and that we're experts in each of those services; so there's no compromise in terms of efficiency or performance. Mitie has national scale with a breadth and depth of services that cannot be matched in the UK, and this allows us to deliver the most efficient and effective services. 

Mitie’s cleaning team had been working for Lloyds Banking Group over the past 15 years, and had built a strong relationship based on world-class service.

Since the launch of the contract, our partnership is already achieving its targets and delivering significant results.

Mobilisation phase

Soon after the partnership was agreed, the task of harmonising our 7,000 people in 'team FM' began. Mitie and Lloyds Banking Group, worked in unison to ensure a smooth transition, ready for launch on 1 August 2012. We designed, built and installed a brand new Lloyds Banking Group dedicated helpdesk, and got our operational teams ready for duty with new, state-of-the-art equipment and training.

'No noise' was the key objective of the client project team, and we made this major transformation in service delivery, without customers and end-users noticing any disruption.


One of Mitie's objectives involves supporting Lloyds Banking Group in meeting its strategic target to reduce its environmental footprint by 20% by 2020. We have a programme of best practice solutions, and an engagement plan that reaches across all our environmental operations to educate, support and enable our people to deliver a sustainable service.

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