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Ensuring asset efficiency at Essex County Council

What was Essex County Council (ECC) looking for?

  • A fabric condition audit with a forward maintenance regime (FMR)

  • Obtain meaningful and actionable information to support and validate decision making for maintenance funding across their school estate

Mitie began carrying out audits for Essex County Council, across 414 schools, in November 2013.  Our auditors reviewed the fabric condition of the buildings and identified building repairs / remedial work required in line with existing surveys undertaken in previous years and new issues identified.

From these surveys, our team reviewed the priorities in line with ECC guidelines and added estimated costs to repair.  Costs have been driven by the industry standard National Schedule of Rates methodology. With the data reported on Direct Audits, Essex County Council now has the functionality to distribute ownership to individual schools and drive prioritisation for maintenance funding.

"Essex County Council carries out school building condition surveys every 5 years to identify and prioritise maintenance needs in school buildings. The surveys inform decisions about priorities for maintenance funding and support bids for funding from DfE.

Historically these reports have been paper based and limited in detail. Working with Mitie Compliance allowed us to break new ground in providing detailed, evidence based FMR fabric reports.

The data has been loaded to an online system which for the first time is accessible to schools via secure passwords so that they can see up to date information about the condition of their premises and plan their maintenance regimes. Schools will be able to update the system when maintenance work is carried out, ensuring that the data is kept up to date and ‘live’. All users of the system are able to use a built-in query function to run ad hoc reports making it easy for school staff to disseminate the information to governors and other interested parties.

The surveys carried out were a non-intrusive inspection of building fabric, mechanical services and electrical services broken down by building element (e.g. roof) and sub-element (e.g. roof covering). Each sub-element consists of a short description, a priority rating, an estimation of cost, responsibility (LA, diocese or school) and several photographs.

Essex County Council has been really impressed by the speed and quality of the work performed by Mitie Compliance. Their project management was superb with a dedicated team arranging site visits with schools and handling a large number queries in a very tight timescale." - David Gatheral, Research and Development Officer, Essex County Council

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