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Enhancing document management processes for Linklaters

What was Linklaters looking for?

Linklaters was looking for an experienced managed service provider specialising in reprographics, mailroom, and records management that could provide service enhancements and improved processes to support their business, whilst looking to make cost savings and implement service initiatives.

In 2001, we were awarded the contract to manage Linklaters Distribution Services consisting of the mailroom and archival storage processes for their two sites in London. The contract has seen several extensions with the latest being awarded until 2018 and additional services of international and UK courier supplier have also been incorporated into the contract.

Working in partnership

From the outset, our document management business and Linklaters began to develop a strong partnership and unified approach. Both parties recognised it was essential to rapidly demonstrate an enhanced service and to raise the internal perception of the department. The Document Management team brought added value not previously identified, through the introduction of relevant technology and strong management mapped the way forward with detailed enhancements, timescales and innovation quickly showing improvements.

How did we help?

The current headcount on the contract is 23 staff, across three departments. Our commitment is to continuously review the firm's service lines, suggest better ways of working and, where relevant, introduce innovation and technology to support them. The client’s role is to ensure that any changes are in line with their culture and way of working, to be advocates of the Linklaters / Mitie partnership and to endorse and support new ways of working.

Adding value

Through the mobilisation of our track and trace technology we enhanced the service considerably to include a full audit trail of all accountable mail items. This was installed successfully at the Brussels office which can now provide an end-to-end audit trail on items between the two offices, a proposal for global rollout to other Linklaters sites around the world is awaiting approval. We have proactively amended mail run timetables, staffing levels and work allocation in line with ever changing mail volumes, this has resulted in the mail team being reduced by nearly 10% over the last four years.

Proposals were submitted to utilise our document management business’s buying power by applying a discounted courier rate card globally and to run stationery and paper procurement on behalf of the London head office.

A rapid response service has been successfully introduced which enhances the regular mail runs and places the emphasis on business related, time critical items. Our technology is also used to manage this process and there is a set, measurable service level agreement for each service.

We incorporated the daily delivery of stationery to desk locations within our own daily programme at no cost. This enabled the client to remove this service from their stationery contract, making a further saving.

Services undertaken

On-site services