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Enhancing document management processes for Linklaters

What was Linklaters looking for?

Linklaters was looking for an experienced managed service provider specialising in document management and business processing services that could provide service enhancements and improved processes to support their business.  At the same time supporting them and their strategic imperatives to make cost savings and implement service initiatives over the term.


In 2001, we were awarded the contract to manage Linklaters Distribution Services consisting of the mailroom and archival storage processes for their two sites in London. The contract has seen several extensions with the latest being awarded until 2020 and additional services of international and UK courier supplier have also been incorporated into the contract.

In 2015 we were awarded the print and digital services requirements for Linklaters in the UK.  This was a first-generation TUPE project and the first time a magic circle law firm had outsourced such a critical service department.  We transferred 20 team members to Mitie.  Our commitment to enhance the service and drive efficiencies was quickly adopted.  Investments in both digital software and new print hardware were agreed and rolled out within the first year of the contract.

In 2017 our relationship with Linklaters continued to grow with the addition of their Document Production Services (DPU), Examiner Services and Service Desk requirements.  Once again this was a first-generation outsource where Mitie (as the trusted service partner) were chosen to transfer these additional services over a three-month mobilisation period.  We successfully transferred 73 team members and a number of strategically important supplier relationships on the 1st December 2017.

We focus on three pillars of expertise: People, Process and Technology

Managing the people journey and helping each individual to recognise and achieve their full potential.  This has helped to underpin our efficiency delivery model and maximise return on investment in other areas.

Processes are approached as a constant campaign to streamline and simplify.  We always challenge ourselves to deliver incremental improvements, month on month.

Technology investment

A full business review allowed us to identify areas where new digital tools and workflows could be combined with high end production print capability.  These investments have allowed the on-site teams to substantially improve both quality and efficiency throughput.

We have driven £100,000’s of savings for Linklaters through these three focused pillars of expertise.

During the 17-year partnership Mitie and Linklaters have consistently improved service and reduced costs through efficiency gains and new ways of working.

Working in partnership

From the outset, our document management business and Linklaters began to develop a strong partnership and unified approach. Both parties recognised it was essential to rapidly demonstrate an enhanced service and to raise the internal perception of the department. The Document Management team brought added value not previously identified, through the introduction of relevant technology and strong management mapped the way forward with detailed enhancements, timescales and innovation quickly showing improvements.

Recognising success

In November 2017, Mitie and Linklater won the Pfm award for partners in expert services.  This really underlined the importance of a one team approach and was the culmination of all the hard work since 2001.

Services undertaken

Print and digital
Managed Print Services
Document Production
Service Desk
Examiner Services
Overflow management and completion
Records Management support
Supply chain management