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Deliver a national beverage service with AB InBev


Mitie and ABI’s relationship was first established in 2000, and has since evolved into a true partnership. This case study will focus on the specialism of National Beverage Services which Mitie has been providing across the UK’s Licenced Trade of the last 10 years.

Who is the client?

AB InBev UK is one of the world’s leading brewers. They produce some of the world’s best known brands, including Budweiser, Stella Artois and Becks Vier, as well as local favourites such as Bass and Boddingtons. Their beers have been popular in the UK for many years and they now employ around 1,000 people at their UK breweries in Magor, Samlesbury and Mortlake, as well as their company headquarters in Luton. Anheuser-Busch InBev employs approximately 150,000 people across 24 countries worldwide. Globally, the company strives to be the Best Beer Company Bringing People Together for a Better World.

How did we help?

The 5 year contract to install, maintain and manage their brands all over the UK was awarded to Mitie in November 2014. Our team of 70 technicians and 30 support staff cover work in over 55000 licenced outlets in the UK.

Mitie also manages ABInbev’s event season and manages to completion the installation and maintenance of their beer brands at prestigious events such as Ascot Racecourse. We look after all draft beer products on site and provide technical support at 25 race meetings across the year including the prestigious Royal Ascot week where an additional 150 taps of beer are installed.

Other events:

  • Wimbledon fortnight

  • NFL – Wembley & Twickenham

  • FA Cup semis and final at Wembley Stadium

  • The British Open  


Mitie and ABInbev work together to trial new technologies and develop more efficient ways of working. Examples include: 

APP Development

Development of a bespoke APP to allow Mitie Technicians to submit contract specific information to drive ABInbev revenue situations

RFW Portal

A portal to log installation work for the AB InBev UK sales force allowing pictorial management of installation requests giving each salesperson a view of their own pipeline of work.

Stock Bar Coding

Due to launch in June 2017 a bar coding system for all supply chain delivery’s managing stock requirements from end to end.

The future

Mitie and AB InBev continue to be committed to the UK-wide partnership, overcoming contract challenges, providing operational support, delivering innovation and supporting AB Inbev’s 2017 targets. Currently, Mitie are supporting AB InBev with a new UK brand role out an extension of the Budweiser brand range

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