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Self delivering maintenance services at GM Vauxhall

Services Provided

  • Boiler house operation & HPHW system efficiencies
  • Mechanical and electrical systems
  • Water treatment
  • BMS improvements
  • Compressor house operation & compressed air system efficiencies
  • Gas consumption reductions
  • Water consumption reductions
  • Improvement in thermal loss
  • Increase in “Green Supplies”
  • Trade effluent plant maintenance


Vauxhall was established in 1903 and has been manufacturing vehicles in the UK for over 100 years. Around 28,000 people are employed across the company. The Ellesmere Port plant has the capacity to produce 187,000 vehicles a year and has recently been awarded the contract to build the new Astra D2XX 5 Door and Wagon.

Our Contract

Mitie originally secured provision of M&E services at GM Ellesmere Port site in 2007 which covers 1,283,260m². The 3 year contract extension began in October 2015 and Mitie are currently responsible for all services on site which are non-production orientated. Our 23 on-site engineers self-deliver 70% of the maintenance works in a 24/7 environment, including: The Ellesmere Port plant, Luton plant and Head Office plus the Heritage Building (which houses Vauxhall’s vintage car collection).

Achievements and Innovations 

  • Reduced GM Vauxhall’s reactive spend by 20%
  • Helped GM Vauxhall in reducing the amount of energy used to build each car by over 40%
  • Working in partnership with Vauxhall to achieve an EON Energy Award by the EEAS for outstanding work at the plant
  • Mitie is a top five fleet customer of Vauxhall
  • Savings to the client of circa £300k/year which included a head count reduction of 8
  • Instigated a boiler house water recovery project


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