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Saving with Mitie

Meet Tracy, Operations Director for our technical services business. Tracy lives in Stockport with her partner and two children and she absolutely loves a bargain, so naturally Mideals is one of her favourite websites.

So Tracy, the main question people will want to know is, how much have you saved using Mideals?

Since joining Mideals I have saved £5,336 and earned £2,411 in cashback. I think the perception with Mideals is that I must have spent a lot to earn this but it is money I would have spent anyway!

So what are the items you have made the biggest savings on?

Where did you save?


What did you get?



A new kitchen

Curry's PC World


50" TV

John Lewis / Waitrose


Food shopping


These are just some of the bigger items I've saved on though; the real savings come from the everyday things I buy that just add up over time. You just make it part of your routine to always check Mideals before buying anything.

What type of offers do you tend to use on Mideals?

I mostly use the online savings and cashback offers. They link directly through from Mideals to the shop's website and it just takes the discount off, or adds the cashback onto my Mideals account automatically. I haven’t used the food shopping reloadable cards in the past but have just started to with John Lewis/Waitrose and I already have a saving of £82.

I also use the cinema savings and Pizza Express which are instant vouchers and available straight away.

So, you've built up a lot of cashback, what have you spent it on?

I remember my first purchase with the cashback I had earned was an iPad for my son for Christmas.

We've heard about your biggest savings, but what about your smallest?

I saved 27p on a Domino's Pizza!!! People may laugh but with cashback over £2,000 it all counts!

Are there any other benefits you take advantage of at Mitie, that are shown on Mideals?

I have saved £135 on my bike through the Cycle to Work scheme, and save £21 a month on my Vodafone phone contract.


Would you like to follow in Tracy's footsteps? If you haven't already registered, now is the time to do so! We have enhanced weekly promotions as well as the usual discounts.

Mideals is currently available to all UK and ROI Mitie employees so register today at www.mideals.co.uk (UK based) or mideals.ie.(ROI-based) - all you'll need is your National Insurance number and date of birth.

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