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A new approach to health and wellbeing with Golding Homes


In 2014, Mitie, Golding Homes, Wellbeing People, Kent County Council and Kent Community Health Foundation Trust set up a venture to deliver health and wellbeing check-ups in local communities.

Dubbed the health MOT roadshow, the idea behind the project was to improve the health and wellbeing of residents through local health checks, and to raise health awareness in local communities. The project has gone on to win numerous awards across the industry, but more importantly it has been able to demonstrate that successful partnership working towards a common goal can achieve great results, such as increases in physical activity, reductions in chronic diseases such as diabetes and in the number of people smoking.


The simple premise of a healthy lifestyle has been in place for centuries, but as we have become increasingly adept at extending life through technology and cure, we have become increasingly inept at empowering people to make those positive health and wellbeing choices for themselves.

Now this is particularly pertinent when it comes to Health and Housing, where undoubtedly everyone wants to improve the quality of life of their tenants, who happen to represent some of the harder to reach population when it comes to Health Inequality and Public Health.

The challenge is that Health and Housing are invariably coming at the problem from a different perspective and so wellbeing often sits in a gap somewhere between Community Engagement and Public Health.

This is a unique project, which demonstrates how we can pool our resources and deliver mutually beneficial outcomes around Health and Housing. The roadshow is the ideal platform for the the Private, Public and Third Sectors to collaborate to enhance social value, promote physical and mental health and encourage sector integration.

The results

It has been a great success engaging with over 28,000 individuals, delivering over 6,000 Health MOT’S, 2,000 NHS Health Checks and 700 GP referrals.

The project has also been successful in its ability to reach areas of health inequality. Within the project, the most deprived communities have been some of the most engaged, with engagement rates of between 35-38%, almost double that of the average population.

And it demonstrates that we can achieve so much by working together, in the Private, Public and Third Sector.

As part of the analysis, the following assumptions can be made from the project so far:

  • 120 additional people will complete a weight loss programme.
  • 68 additional people will be taking statins.
  • 31 additional people will be compliant with an impaired Glucose Regulation lifestyle.
  • 17 additional people will be diagnosed with diabetes.
  • 41 additional people will be diagnosed with chronic kidney disease
  • 31 people will increase physical activity
  • 2 additional people will quit smoking

The project has been recognised across the sector, having received the Housing Contract Award for Innovation and Partnership, the Innovation in Partnering using TPC2005 Award at the PPC/TPC Awards and the CIH Innovators of the Year Award in March 2016. It has since gone on to win a national UK Housing Award for its outstanding approach to innovation.

Services undertaken

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