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Helping the Scottish Government achieve unique carbon status


Mitie has been providing facilities management services to the Scottish Government since 2010. There are 150 Mitie staff working at over 60 properties including; their offices, the Science & Advice for Scottish Agricultural (SASA) building, fisheries, and the Marine Laboratory in Aberdeen.


There are 19,000 planned preventative maintenance tasks completed per year, covering an expansive geographic area from Stranraer to the Shetlands.

Achieving a unique carbon status

In July 2016 we helped the Scottish Government retain its unique status as the only government in the world to hold the Carbon Trust Triple Standard.

The Carbon Trust Standards are independent certifications, recognising organisations that successfully measure, manage and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste, demonstrating leadership within their industry by making real year-on-year progress.

Our dedicated building management and project delivery was instrumental in helping the Scottish Government achieve certification for carbon, water and waste.

We helped the Scottish Government to manage their impact by delivering dedicated building management covering fabric, heating and lighting for example whilst also gathering data on utilities and waste. This enabled Scottish Government to gain this unique recertification.

Darran Messem, Managing Director for Certification at the Carbon Trust said: “The Carbon Trust is delighted to be able to provide independent recognition that the Scottish Government is directly contributing to achieving the sustainability ambitions it has set for the country, by continuing to deliver year-on-year reductions in carbon emissions, water use and waste from its own  operations.”