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Increasing asset efficiency at GE Aviation

What was the client looking for?

GE Aviation is a subsidiary of General Electric, a multinational conglomerate corporation based in New York, and is a leading provider of aircraft engines, components, and integrated systems.

GE Aviation was in need of a facilities management company that would be able to provide a consistently excellent service, in accordance with GE Aviation’s focus on manufacturing and product output. This would increase asset efficiency, allowing for an increase in on-site energy efficiency and cost savings.

How did we help?

We have been working with GE Aviation since 1991, delivering a range of services valued at more than £47m over the last 20 years. In 2009 we were awarded a contract to maintain over 200 air conditioning systems. These were in a poor state but within 12 months all the systems had been serviced and a full F Gas register had been compiled.

In 2010 we reached an agreement to introduce a pro-active phase-out plan to remove these inefficient R22 systems and replace them with environmentally friendly R410A systems.

With our expert team, we targeted 28 systems per year to replace, grading them for criticality. We then compiled an agreed schedule of rates and kept all costs transparent. Every new system has a built in clock to suit the environment, and PIR sensors were installed which will only allow the system to run if it senses that the space is occupied, reducing energy costs.

The results

Over the contract period, we have provided GE Aviation with substantial costs savings. Working in partnership with our team, GE invested a considerable budget on sustainable equipment. We have implemented this to full effect, reducing the client’s energy bills by more than 20% per annum. The payback period for this investment is less than five years.

Going forward, we will be continuing our partnership with GE Aviation, maintaining the emphasis on sustainability, energy savings, and cost savings.

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