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Drone surveys

Our aerial building inspection and drone survey service is our latest innovation aimed at giving property and facilities managers a new affordable way to survey high-rise buildings – previously unreachable by conventional methods.

We first trialled drone technology for our pest control business, inspecting roofs for gull nests and bird damage, as a cost efficient and safe alternative to access equipment.

Seeing the benefits it could bring our customers, we have extended its use across the whole FM spectrum of services.


  • Maintenance - general building damage inspections
  • Thermal population surveys – using heat seeking cameras to spot pests in undergrowth and birds nesting on roof tops  
  • Thermal mapping – analysing ‘hot spots’ on the building to identify potential savings via improved insulation
  • Security – remote surveillance to view vast areas in a fraction of the time
  • Surveillance - for cleaning at height requirements
  • Aerial mapping - for landscaping services

The new technology enables us to provide our clients with a more comprehensive and flexible service with the ability to recommend solutions in real-time.

Using drone technology mounted with a 4K camera, footage and imagery of any areas of concern are immediately transmitted to the operative’s smartphone or tablet for inspection, and all data will be reviewed post-flight and provided to the customer in a report and/or video format. 

The drone inspection service offers unrivalled benefits in terms of quality of the inspection, cost reduction and instant reporting. 

The small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS) are operated by licensed Civil Aviation Authority members, enhancing safety and reducing the cost of surveying at height. 

Request a survey

If you would like to find out more about our drone survey service or to organise an inspection, please contact 0345 017 1069 or email droneoperations@mitie.com.