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Miworld provides data and analysis, enabling our teams and our customers to proactively manage performance, mitigate issues and create market leading workplaces.

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Bringing FM data to life to drive smarter, more strategic decision making

How well is your property performing? Does it benchmark well against a building of similar square footage? Does it cost more or less to heat, clean, secure and maintain? Is it in the optimum location for your staff and customer base? What are the lease hold terms and should you extend or move property? Do you have access to the information required to determine any of the above? Do you know how your staff are utilising your workspaces?

Collecting data about your property can be powerful, especially when you have a tool that makes that data easy to understand. Miworld is more than just an MI portal. It is an innovative new way of working that brings meaningful information to life. Collating performance and property information from many different sources, Miworld identifies and analyses trends, patterns and anomalies, enabling your strategic decision making process.

Designed and built by our dedicated, specialist team, using the experience and knowledge that comes from our staff and our client base, Miworld is changing how we use management information.

Miworld provides data and analysis, enabling our teams and our customers to proactively manage performance, mitigate issues and create market leading workplaces.

Miworld is an award winning suite of ISO27001 accredited, market leading products, consisting of:

  • An online portal dedicated to providing insight to the contract team and customer

  • A web based self-service application for our customers to easily manage requests and monitor progress

Miworld portal

The Miworld portal collates information from each of our facilities management (FM) service lines along with meaningful property data into a single source. Miworld takes all the data that is available and tailors it into interactive dashboards and reports. Each dashboard and report is amended to suit specific job roles or locations and allows a user to view data at the highest level through to a single transaction. This approach to data means that our teams have access to relevant, timely data and from strategic management through to local service delivery enables them to take a more pro-active approach to delivery.

Miworld is more than just an insight tool; it also provides a workpsace for analysis for strategic planning, creates automated process approvals and encourages knowledge sharing.  As it is a web based application, it also supports national and international team operations.


Our latest addition to the Miworld family is Edison – a tool designed to give any building user in a Mitie partnership the ability to log requests with their dedicated Helpdesk directly. Not only is this removing the need for time consuming emails or inconvenient phone calls but it also leverages the power of app based design. Driving targeted communications and notifications such as a new lunch menu or change of bus timetable helps to keep everyone informed and up to date.

Our automated web service means that anyone with a web enabled smart device can use Edison and make requests on the go. Edison also includes a translator tool that gives international teams the ability to log requests from anywhere in the world. It’s a simple idea but one that really makes a difference to our customers.

You can discover more about Edison and its capabilities here.

Other key information

As well as our award winning technologies, dedicated Miworld analysts work across all of our contracts to deliver insight projects and ongoing performance management analysis. Using Microsoft SharePoint, Tableau and Nintex Workflow across all of our solutions we transform data into meaningful, business impacting data.