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At one stage in time the desktop PC ruled the office operation, but technology as always has created a shift in culture. And with that a new set of requirements has developed in the business world. Smartphones and tablets are now part and parcel of the office toolkit. The provision of data and agile working have since become drivers that are shaping the way we work. This change can be felt in all business environments, from desk based teams right through to the mobile work force.

Mailroom services may seem mundane but they are a key component of an office operation and one of our major service lines. Item accountability is crucial, and clients look to us to provide just that.

Track and trace is not new, but we understood that many mailrooms operated a time consuming and outdated process using technology that wasn’t capable of adapting to what was needed in todays’ business environment. We had an opportunity to lean into the culture shift and develop a product that would create a framework for changing the way we deliver our services.

What is Pinpoint?

Pinpoint is our mail distribution mobile application, developed to re-define track and trace technology. Everything can now be done with a single internet-connected tablet or smartphone. From tracing items at the point of courier drop off right through to customer receipt, teams are able to access real-time data about every step of the tracking journey. What’s more, Pinpoint is easily scalable. Depending on the size of a client’s operation, Pinpoint can be used as a network of devices connecting larger teams, or multiple locations.

How can Pinpoint help my organisation?

Full item audits, signed proof of delivery and courier tracking references are all available on demand. Business rules can be applied supporting service level agreements. Notifications can be generated to end customers keeping them up to speed on what’s happening with their items. The data available from Pinpoint gives our clients full visibility of spend, helping them identify how to streamline their operations to become more cost effective. All of this can be tailored to suit local requirements enabling Pinpoint to fit into any operation, either as part of an outsourcing contract with Mitie or as a standalone service.

The platform is in continuous development. The demand for ‘value, security and insight now’ is constantly reshaping how we develop our services and technology which ultimately enable business innovation.

To find out how Pinpoint can help your organisation, email connect@mitie.com.