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Connected Workspace

The Connected Workspace isn’t a vision of the future – it’s already here. Today, every aspect of our work and home activity is technology-enabled and app-based, while every moment of our daily existence generates data. This data is gathered, monitored, tracked and analysed on a scale that is almost inconceivable.

A world of digital change...

The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, robotics and digital technologies are disrupting traditional business models in virtually every sector, helping people realise easier, faster, better and cheaper ways of doing things. Think Uber, Airbnb, Blockchain, and a thousand other digital start-ups, all creating previously unimaginable new opportunities and markets that didn’t even exist five years ago.

People don’t ‘own’ anymore; they ‘share’ – cars, music, and even overnight accommodation. In the same way, the world of work is changing, too. In most organisations, we have workforces spanning four generations, all with widely differing and expanded expectations. Work itself is agile, flexible and always ‘on’, 24/7/365. Co-working has become the biggest growth area in the property world, while job-for-life career workers are fast disappearing as freelancing, portfolio careers and the gig economy become the new norm.

Unlocking new horizons in Corporate Real Estate

We work with property professionals from virtually every sector and we understand the property and FM challenges faced by organisations in a rapidly changing world. As the largest integrated facilities management outsourcer in the UK, we manage property portfolios for the country’s largest private and public organisations.

We are gatekeepers for the gigabytes of data generated every second across the thousands of sites we manage. We’re in a unique position to see how employees and visitors interact in the workspace, and through data analytics, we provide insight that can transform ordinary workplaces into brilliant, inspirational workspaces. And we can benchmark and apply learning to extend these benefits to other organisations.

Mitie is investing heavily in the technology and services required to ensure we continue to maintain our position as the UK’s leading facilities management outsourcer. We’ve already made significant investment in both people and a worldclass technology platform. We have the understanding, the tools, the people and the scale to deliver the Connected Workspace right now!

Mitie – connecting your workspace and delivering new value

Mitie is creating a new technology-based property and FM business that thinks strategically, operates collaboratively and works more efficiently to make a real difference.

Data analytics will provide insight that not only informs strategic planning and enables predictive modelling, but also enhances operational efficiency. As a result, we’ll be delivering benefits that include better space utilisation and occupancy ratios, enhanced real estate assets, employee wellbeing and improved worker productivity and retention.

In the Connected Workspace, smart maintenance services will use prediction and remote analysis to replace reactive and planned activities. New technologies and data analytics will control the office environment in a way that combines comfort, safety and wellbeing with energy efficiency and sustainability. We will use sensors and machine learning algorithms to increase the security of your employees, while ensuring that none of these technologies increase the cybersecurity risk.

Our technology platforms will capture and process almost unlimited amounts of workspace data in real-time, and analytics and machine learning algorithms will identify inefficiencies, detect trends, forecast potential issues and improve the overall workplace efficiency.

The result? You’ll see an end-to-end, real-time view of your properties, workplaces and people, as well as their associated costs. For the first time, you’ll understand the realities of how your organisation actually operates and the total cost of occupancy.

This step-change approach will create property and FM strategies linked to outcomes…strategies directly aligned with your corporate objectives and goals, to achieve smarter, strategic decisionmaking and a more sustainable business model that adds value to your organisation.

Ultimately, Mitie is in the business of saving you money and the Connected Workspace will do just that. Outsourced FM has driven big savings for many organisations, but we all know the solution is far from perfect and could be further refined. Big data will unlock the secret of where the hidden costs and inefficiencies lie – why you are using 25% more energy than you should and why your cleaning regime is not fit for purpose. And we can help you fix it.

It’s time for a new way – one that builds on what we do today and embraces change as we lead the way into the future, beyond FM to the Connected Workspace.

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