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If people are costing more, can FM cost less? Earlier this year, Mitie brought together a group of senior executives from a range of sectors to discuss the challenges faced by FM and property professionals in a landscape of rising employee costs. This white paper, based on the issues raised during the event, explores what FM as an industry needs to do to maintain high quality services, while faced with increasing labour costs and an ever-more discerning group of workplace consumers. - PDF. Published 27 April 2017
London current threat landscape The early part of the 21st century is witnessing major technological, political, economic and societal changes. This is causing turbulence in a variety of forms: political protest, emerging threats from nation states, environmental change, rapidly evolving technologies and a range of criminal and terrorist activities. This report is intended to give an overview of the current threat “landscape” for London businesses. - PDF. 2 MB Published 29 March 2017
The role of FM in creating the seamless customer journey; now and into the future Within the transport sector, creating a positive journey experience is vital to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. The major challenge for facilities is to combine the provision of efficient and comfortable amenities while ensuring safety and security remain a top priority. This white paper looks at the how the organisations responsible for delivering FM can improve the passenger experience and add real value for transport operators, particularly in the aviation, coach and rail industries. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Apps, automation and the future of FM Whatever model the industry follows in future, the huge change on the horizon is that this will all be driven by data. It won’t just be data about the buildings themselves, but on every aspect of how they are used, who is using them, and what they thought of the experience. This report looks at just how this is all going to work. - JPG. Published 22 February 2017
A fresh approach to workplace support The services model for supporting the workplace of the 2020s will be defined by three key words: Flexibility; Adaptability and Mobility. Many of these are aspirations for businesses, but turning those into a way to define service delivery parameters is a complex task, so this strategy guide examines how they will affect service delivery. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Workplace wellness - why FM and Property are crucial players Health and wellbeing are the current buzzwords in the property and FM industry, which isn’t surprising when there is strong evidence to show how having a healthy workforce can boost productivity and lower staff turnover. Although often seen as an HR responsibility, the working environment, facilities and services that support wellbeing are being designed and managed by property and FM teams, putting the responsibility firmly in our hands. Our latest strategy guide looks at how organisations can create and support a ‘well workplace’ and the role of the FM and property teams in delivering this. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Brexit: Where will they go? The impact of Brexit is already being felt, with the likelihood of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union bringing a great deal of uncertainty to global markets and UK business prospects. In this opinion piece from Source8, our experts examine the potential realities of doing business in post-Brexit Britain, as well as considerations that need to be made as the UK prepares for this momentous change. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Procurement and the death of the salesman Anyone involved in procuring new suppliers knows the challenges involved in securing the right suppliers, for the right price, that meet an organisation’s needs and requirements. This report covers some of the points raised about ‘best practice procurement’ at Mitie’s recent roundtable for clients working in the legal sector. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Achieving workplace transformation Workplace transformation isn’t just about building design and operation. People have to join the property and FM team on the transformation journey, which means FMs need to create an environment and services model that is specifically tailored to their individual needs at any particular time of day, or day of the week. By necessity, this approach will cut across several traditional support silos (HR IT, property and FM) and demand a service model that is far more comprehensive, people-focused, service-driven and - almost inevitably - more costly. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Changing the model for FM services Shifting away from the traditional roundtable format, Mitie hosted its first-ever workshop, inviting senior FM, property and procurement professionals to discuss what an 'outcomes-based' contract model for FM services might look like and the potential impact it might have on the wider outsourcing industry. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Embracing workplace change in the legal sector Today, law firms are embracing workplace change in a way that is sending shockwaves throughout the sector, as senior property and FM professionals try to adapt to a rapidly changing professional climate. Following its latest roundtable, Mitie has produced a new report to explore the common concerns and obstacles facing these senior directors and affecting property strategies in the legal sector. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
The future workplace challenge Mitie hosted its latest roundtable with senior property and FM professionals from the finance and professional services sector to discuss the current challenges to improving workplace services, balancing employee wellbeing and productivity against compliance requirements and a host of 21st-century security risks. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017