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Security and risk strategy

Identifying the full range of risks your business might face requires specialist knowledge. This expertise can be found in our in-house team, available to deal with all manner of challenges.

Investing in our services

Our risk experts offer security risk surveys, risk consultancy services and business resilience and continuity planning for both public and private sector clients. They can analyse your exposure to a whole spectrum of risks and ensure the continuity and resilience of your organisation. We also have training consultants who can provide specific training on particular areas of risk, including, for example, air cargo security training.

We can then implement our recommendations for you, so you benefit from a complete end-to-end service.

From penetration testing, to cyber security reviews, to full security and risk consultancy services, we’ll take a fresh look at your business and security processes.

Security consultant and advisor services

Security risk survey

Our security advisors will carry out an in-depth security review of your premises, analysing every aspect of physical, personnel and technical security, as well as examine external influences. You will receive a report with comprehensive recommendations. If you choose to implement our recommendations, we can work with you right through to completion, providing an end-to-end service.

Risk advisory visit

If you are unsure of your security requirements or could be doing things differently and don’t know how to make the change, our security consultants will work with you to develop a new strategy. You will be given a report of findings and an overview of recommendations.

Security documentation services

Our security advisory service will design and write detailed security documents in line with your business strategy. These could include security policies, security strategies, incident management procedures or business continuity plans.

Crisis management

Our security advisors will guide you on all aspects of crisis management as part of your business resilience strategy. Should a crisis situation occur, we will support you throughout and advise you  on recovery measures.

Travel advisory

If your employees travel overseas, our security advisors can prepare briefing papers including information on local customs and practices, crime trends, risks and threats, areas to avoid, known problems and embassy contact details.

Specialist security services

Counter-terrorism and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protection
Our team will offer advice and guidance in relation to the protection of people and buildings in order to counter the current international and domestic terrorism and extremism threats. This can range from simple surveys to determine a building’s vulnerabilities, through to offering advice on target hardening in order to prevent or mitigate the impact of any attack.


If you have concerns about the integrity of your information we can provide protection of your premises against electronic eavesdropping devices. If a technical sweep is requested, it is tailored to your premises and can range from a single room to an entire complex. In addition, we can offer permanent solutions and detailed guidance on counter-espionage.

Covert operations and surveillance

We can provide you with fully trained and experienced personnel for covert operations. For example, you may require someone to infiltrate a group or to discretely follow and monitor the movement of high value goods. We understand that this is a highly sensitive area and the service is provided with the strictest confidentiality standards.

Blast mitigation surveys

We can carry out a comprehensive survey of your premises to look at the possible effects of an explosion. We will provide you with a report and recommendations to reduce blast damage.

Security analysis

Penetration and security testing

This is carried out to test your security measures and can be done in high, medium or low risk security environments. The tests can be done overtly or covertly. We can also adapt these to support your mystery shopper needs.

Intelligence and security analysis

We can provide you with an intelligence analyst to research and review risks and threats to your business using current, open information. If you have concerns with the integrity of your brand on social media, or if potential threats and vulnerabilities can be identified, we can provide detailed analysis and advice on resolution.  We can also provide in-depth due diligence, geo-political intelligence and operational security intelligence specific to your market.


Sometimes, after an on-site security incident we are asked to do a detailed investigation into the breach. We will provide fully trained investigators who can carry out the investigation overtly or covertly depending on your needs.

IT and cyber security

Review and management of your information security

IT systems are an area of risk for businesses and are often targeted by those wishing to steal information or to simply cause harm through malicious programmes. Both types of threat can cause significant damage to your IT infrastructure and consequently your reputation. We can provide you with in-depth analysis on potential threats and vulnerabilities in this area and produce detailed mitigation recommendations.

As a leading risk-based security company, Mitie can make sure that the right IT security policies are put in place and monitored to ensure the highest levels of security are implemented at all times.

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