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Wellbeing consultancy services

Mitie’s wellbeing services utilise the latest technology, academic research and behavioural change theories to help clients define, embed and achieve a holistic wellbeing strategy.

The workplace: a wellbeing destination designed to support the human experience

The workplace is no longer just a place of work. Instead it has become the embodiment of an organisation’s brand and culture, contributing to creativity and engagement as much as to individual levels of wellbeing.

Nowadays, whilst many organisations speak of the importance of wellbeing - reflecting the recent upsurge in interest in wellbeing globally - too often reality reveals an ad hoc approach where initiatives are championed across individual business functions without due consideration of their impact or, more importantly, whether they are supported by a suitable cultural and behavioural framework.  

In recognition of this, Mitie has created a service that spans the full wellbeing spectrum, covering off the physiological, psychological and sociocultural elements. More specifically, our service is based around six core concepts - Air, Water, Nutrition, Fitness, Comfort and Mind.

We know that a successful wellbeing strategy relies not just on physical changes to the workplace, but also on organisational changes that are embedded within the behaviours of every employee, whether C-suite or otherwise. This is what makes a wellbeing strategy sustainable and ultimately impactful. 

The latest academic thinking

Wellbeing is a multi-disciplinary subject that requires expertise across a wide range of subject areas, including the built environment, human psychology, mental health, exercise science and nutrition. To reflect this, we have teamed up with experts from several academic institutions to ensure our service remains informed by the latest research. These include: Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Liverpool.

Within our wellbeing team, we also have a PhD student conducting a three-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) research programme (in partnership with Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency) on the impact that the workplace has on levels of employee wellbeing and productivity. We will be using this primary research to enhance our wellbeing services in the coming months. 

Investing in our services

  • The WELL Building Standard®

    The WELL Building Standard®

    The WELL Building Standard® is a global, performance-based building standard designed to enhance and optimise human health and wellbeing. The standard is growing in popularity with over 600 WELL projects currently using the WELL principles across the globe. In the UK, there are already four certified WELL projects with over 20 others already registered. WELL Accredited Professionals (APs) are professionals who have demonstrated to the International WELL Building Institute™ that they understand the detailed requirements of the WELL Building Standard™. Mitie currently has two WELL APs within the team who are able to advise clients through the WELL certification process.

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