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Connected futures

We don't believe in innovation for the sake of it. Everything we do has to have a benefit for our client. Our teams are dedicated to understanding the challenges that the much talked about 'technological revolution' will have on businesses. By really understanding the real problems businesses have, we can work with our clients and ensure their document management journey is the best it can be.

Workplace analytics

With our workplace analytics and the use of technologies such as mobile, cloud and IoT deployed within our client’s business environments. We can create new data sets that can be used to provide insight and analytics into your company’s resources, assets and employees, that will drive transformational business change.
Through analysing data related to both your business environment and the services that our people are delivering on the ground, and identifying the organisation-wide trends, we can better understand how to increase the effectiveness of your resources. 
Our workplace analytics uses the technology that we deploy to client sites as part of our service delivery models, this enables us to establish performance benchmarks and best practice models for your organisation. Through measuring and analysing your operation over time we are able to continually drive improvements and efficiencies in service delivery.

AI automation

Our ability to create and diffuse information, and learn from it, is the basis for our modern working and personal lives. We are on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution – one which promises the prospect of augmenting human intelligence to help us assess enormous volumes of modern data, detailing the world around us in minute detail, with lightning quick speed. Providing insight in the blink of an eye.

With the amount of data produced in the last two years exceeding that of all prior history, it’s no surprise that the fundamental fuel for the fourth industrial revolution is information. The exponential rise in data is further fuelled by new technologies enabling automated capture from both the virtual and increasingly, physical worlds. We are seeing quantum leaps in both wearable technology and the new wave of Internet of Things (IoT) connected sensors in buildings and appliances which show no signs of slowing.

If, like many businesses, you’re overwhelmed by the exponential increase in information, we can help. We’re working with clients to push the boundaries of the possible within our field, using new innovations to challenge the status quo. This ensures our customers are on the right journey with our services - simplifying the complex and maximising the potential of data for your business.

Document process outsourcing

Our holistic approach to document process outsourcing (DPO) allows a full outsource process to grow with the needs and requirements of our customers and their stakeholders.  

Whether you're looking for a managed print solution, outsourcing your mailroom activities or a complete restructuring of your document workflows and processes, we are able to assist you.

A different point of view

We will work with our customers to develop service solutions to best suit your needs and address your business challenges. We recognise that document process outsourcing needs to be applied in different ways based on your sector and existing business set up.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today.


James Gilding

Managing Director
Business Services

James joined Mitie 2004.

Mike Ferris

Technical Services Director
Document Management

Mike has a wealth of experience in document management and distribution operations.

Pat Fox

Operations Director
Document Management

Pat has worked for Mitie for over 10 years and has extensive industry knowledge.

Lizzie Griffiths

Head of Marketing
Security and Business Services

Lizzie heads up marketing for the Security and Business Services teams.

Richard Bartkow

Commercial and Supply Chain Director
Document Management

Richard is an accomplished procurement professional with extensive experience.

Lois Collins

Account Director
Document Management

As a founding member of Document Management Lois has carried out a wide variety...

Mark Paul

IT and Infrastructure Manager
Document Management

A founder member of Document Management, Mark has over 20 years experience heading IT functions.  As a former mail operative...