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Digital services

With storage space reducing and a need for a lean and agile workforce, we have developed and managed key services to enable your business to support your new ways of working. From supporting your agile workforce with hybrid and digital mail, allowing fast and accurate recall of records by scanning and indexing, to speeding up your accounts invoice processing and even implementing a full managed print solution, we can help you.

Scanning bureau

Boxes of files you have to keep but never use? Documents you know you have somewhere, but can never find when you need it? Useful data buried in files that no one knows exists?

You’re not alone. Modern office space gives up around 18% of it's total space to storing paper documents (the cost of that space doesn’t bear thinking about). According to the Wall Street Journal, the average executive wastes six weeks annually searching for important documents lost among the clutter and, according to an IBM business study, a staggering 75% of businesses don’t capture data to its maximum potential. But it really doesn’t need to be like this. We specialise in giving simple solutions to complex problems, putting you back in control of what matters most.

So if you’d like to start working smarter with your documents, and use the data you already own to deliver a better service to your clients, it’s time to think about scanning.

Hybrid mail

Pay less for your postage. It’s that simple.

If you send more than 100,000 letters via 2nd class Royal Mail per year, you should consider using Mitie’s hybrid mail service. We have been helping businesses manage their mail since 2000 and we know how important the service is. Yet it’s unlikely to be on the list to target any savings.

Always looking to simplify the complex and sometimes "invisible" tasks, we have developed a service which allows you and your teams to create and send letters from anywhere there is an internet connection, making agile working a reality.

More and more businesses are innovating their mail process, and with the advent of agile working, it’s easy to understand why. With a 2nd class stamp costing around 55p, our hybrid mail can deliver savings of over 30% on postage alone. When you look at the time your teams will save in printing, enveloping and getting the item to your mailroom, you will soon realise how much your business can save. Added to that the quality control and brand integrity that this provides, it’s a service worth taking seriously.

Having recently mobilised the service for the second largest local authority in the country, we understand the need for absolute security. And with our centres certified to ISO27001, you can rest assured that your mail is in safe hands.

Why not have an informal conversation with us to see if this could work for you? Get in touch.

Digital mailroom

For many, the perception of a digital mailroom is just about scanning and routing of physical documents, but what about emails, mobile devices, web content and social media?

Given the rise of digital sources, paper is still surprisingly prevalent in many businesses with over 30% of electronic documents even being converted back to paper. We can support and enhance your digital strategy with a digital mailroom solution; this securely captures information from physical documents and other data channels, using it intelligently to promote greater efficiency and reduced paper usage.

We can help you:

  • Route documents quickly and efficiently to recipients via e-mail, business systems or our own web portal

  • Capture key data from physical or electronic documents to drive business and content management systems

  • Use automated, information based decision making to trigger events, such as converting customers to digital contact, creating alerts, etc. 

  • Reduce mailroom and staff costs

  • Reduce incoming mail volumes and increase uptake of digital channels

  • Optimise the document and data lifecycle for maximum efficiency

  • Improve business security and continuity planning

We have a range of solutions to suit large and small businesses, so start your digital mailroom journey with us today.

Records management

Everyone is aware of the benefits of good document management – ease of access, collaboration, version and policy control, audit trail and archiving – but traditional electronic document management systems (EDMS) are complex, expensive and usually locked down to a specific, business critical requirement.

That’s fine for your underlying business need, but how do you meet the more agile document or workflow requirements of a specific new project, new business area or new innovation quickly and economically? The answer is to use our hosted EDMS services. From delivering digitised mail or scanned documents, to providing a repository and full workflow for HR documents and on-boarding processes, we can provide a solution that integrates with your current systems and wider business processes, augmenting them without impacting your business critical core functions.

Further developments to traditional document management include:

  • Full document lifecycle management from, scanning to archiving and deletion

  • Seamless scanning integration and workflow to introduce documents quickly into automated business processes

  • Simple, customer-friendly, workflow design tools that don't require third party consultancy

  • Secure, web-based access to content and processes with full audit trail

  • Support for access and upload from mobile devices

  • Adaptable to multiple business requirements, supporting and integrating with other business systems

Whatever your requirement, small or large, get in touch with us to discover what we can do for your business.

Invoice processing

Our invoice processing service helps you to create user-defined workflows that accurately capture, validate and match all of your incoming invoices.

As part of our end-to-end service, we manage everything – from the preparation of hard copy invoices and processing of email attachments, through to approvals and image storage, providing you with a smooth and effective transaction.

Get in touch with us to discover what we can do for your business.

Managed print solutions

Our experience in managed print services enables us to rationalise your printer and Multi Functional Device (MFD) fleet, increase the security of your documents and decrease your overall spend.

Whether you're looking for like-for-like replacements or a complete overhaul of your printing fleet complemented by the proactive management of your costs and return on investment, our vendor independent approach allows us to offer the most effective solution according to your requirements.

Through the implementation of market leading printer management solutions, we ensure documents are stored and held securely ready for printing - reducing waste and increasing productivity. Submitted print jobs can be released and collected the next time you visit any printer within your network. Quick and easy to use, the implementation of on-screen printer management solutions helps to increase the security of your documents, reduce the amount of accidental duplicate printing and enable the apportioning of print costs according to cost centres for accurate internal billing.

Get in touch with us to discover what we can do for your business.

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