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On-site services

We have been providing services at clients sites for over 17 years. We can manage your current onsite operational activity such as mailroom, print room, creative and design, porterage and even courier services. Whilst we're doing that, we will work with you to deliver innovation and savings to your business. Your business couldn't be in safer hands.

Print rooms

Mitie will manage your onsite print rooms, including management of resource, equipment and technology. Our vendor independence enables us to select, install and operate the most cost effective and energy efficient solutions according to your requirements.

We are experienced at introducing innovation, technology and process change across a number of our client sites;

Workflow – We work with our clients to revise the workflows used, increasing efficiency and reducing waste.

Processes – We review the processes the team use to ensure their productivity is maximised. There is maximum return on the fixed assets and the SLAs are consistently met to ensure the users of the service are delighted by their experience.

Outsourced work – We support the team by delivering training where necessary, whilst deploying technology to reduce the time it takes to complete work. This enables the team to  take on more work on site, in-turn reducing the amount of work outsourced.

Equipment – We devise solutions for our clients, and invest in equipment that will enhance staff capabilities and simplify jobs. The outcome is increased productivity, resulting in better utilisation of assets, providing faster, more reliable equipment.

Mailroom management

Mitie have been managing and staffing mailrooms since 2000 for a wide range of clients. We understand that managing mailrooms is not a part of your core activity and many consider it an “invisible service”, however it is critical in day-to-day operations. 

This is why we provide a full range of mail services, including:

•    Receiving, opening, sorting and distributing mail
•    Inbound and outbound courier services
•    Internal company mail sortation and distribution
•    Porterage

Business administration

Mitie provide a responsive and tailored service to drive administrative efficiencies in legal and professional service environments.

The traditionally high cost of employing administrative support can be lessened by simplifying, improving and streamlining the business process. Mitie manage this on the clients’ behalf from inception, to the provision of a cost efficient on-going service. Mitie’s established model will suit the build-up of a new administrative function or where an existing team of people reside; our experience of staff transfers and TUPE process will leave your valued people in the best possible hands.

Our business administration staffs typically carry out tasks ranging such as:

  • Copying

  • Printing and binding

  • Expense management,

  • 1-2-1 professional PA support to partners and directors

  • Marketing and business development support

  • HR support

  • Scanning, e-filing and general e-admin tasks.

Mitie instills a ‘see it, own it’ ethos to resolve administrative issues and floor-walking to identify quick fixes in work areas such as stationery points and printing devices.

What's the secret of our success? Recruitment and people management. We pride ourselves on recruiting, retaining and developing the right people for the right job.

Creative and design

Mitie understands the importance of a company’s brand. Every piece of hard or soft copy documentation tells your customer who you are. We will work closely with you not only to immerse ourselves in your brand, but also to truly understand what you are trying to achieve from a piece of design. 
Mitie provides dedicated onsite design services where the designers work on your premises with you, as well as offsite creative services for individual projects. We can help you make your communications with your customers more effective. From an invitation to a campaign, flyer or an important proposal, we make sure that each piece of creative work adds real value to your business.


Making the best use of your business space often means relocating equipment and teams, either in your existing building or to different sites.

Mitie provide porterage services onsite for a number of our key clients. We are able to offer help with the following;

  • Small office moves

  • Collection and delivery of large or bulky items

  • Confidential waste bin collections

  • Room set-ups

Service desk

Mitie is all about service; helping your people to do their jobs better. We provide a wide range of services for an array of clients. Our customer service teams are based within your business. They're the go-to people who are experts in all our services and are there to advise you on everything from the best way to produce a document, to the most cost effective way to deliver a package. When the pressure is on you, you need a team who will take ownership of your request and get the job done. That’s what our customer service teams are there to do, to make your life easier.


We have been successfully delivering managed courier services to our client base for the past since 2000. Around 12% of our turnover is made up of courier spend, and we currently support 26 clients across a range of industry sectors including legal, media, accountancy and consultancy services and investment banking. 

We deliver managed courier services to our client base through the use of a range of preferred, 'best in class' suppliers in each of the services they provide. This results in our clients receiving high standards of service performance, whilst also benefitting from competitive prices by leveraging Mitie's overall buying power. 

Our aim is not to aggressively target cost reduction at the expense of service, but instead to ensure that we deliver on the key metrics of our clients service delivery requirements in respect of quality, service and cost. 


Pinpoint is a bespoke mailroom track and trace technology, developed by Mitie, to give you complete control and visibility of the status of any packages or mail coming into and moving around your organisation.

It gives you a full audit trail, which is ideal if you have confidential or time sensitive items. Giving you real-time monitoring, the technology can be used within your existing mailroom operation, or for further efficiencies we can offer a complete mailroom solution.

It is easy to set up and our team here at Mitie, provides a full pre-order audit, supporting you through the set-up as well as providing full training.

Learn more about the features and benefits of Pinpoint by viewing our brochure.

Onsite records management

Regulations that surround document archiving are forcing organisations to retain more files and spend more money than ever on secure storage. What’s more, the same regulatory requirements prevent you from taking a one size fits all approach to document destruction.

Our archiving specialists implement lean management approaches to suit your needs, reducing your cost of storage and ensuring you satisfy your regulatory requirements.

Through their comprehensive understanding of document archiving and destruction regulations, our archiving specialists advise which documents need to be retained and which can be legally destroyed.

Working with you, our team identifies and retains any documents that may still be required and will arrange the secure destruction of the remaining files. Upon completion you will be provided with a certificate of destruction for your records.

James Gilding

Managing Director
Business Services

James joined Mitie 2004.

Mike Ferris

Technical Services Director
Document Management

Mike has a wealth of experience in document management and distribution operations.

Pat Fox

Operations Director
Document Management

Pat has worked for Mitie for over 10 years and has extensive industry knowledge.

Lizzie Griffiths

Head of Marketing
Security and Business Services

Lizzie heads up marketing for the Security and Business Services teams.

Richard Bartkow

Commercial and Supply Chain Director
Document Management

Richard is an accomplished procurement professional with extensive experience.

Lois Collins

Account Director
Document Management

As a founding member of Document Management Lois has carried out a wide variety...

Mark Paul

IT and Infrastructure Manager
Document Management

A founder member of Document Management, Mark has over 20 years experience heading IT functions.  As a former mail operative...