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Asset data analysis

Whether you have a single building or national estate, managing your property portfolio is complex. Without access to the right information it can be difficult to know how well your buildings are performing and where investment is most needed. Using Direct Audits, our technology led, evidence based platform we analyse your properties and assets establishing your areas of priority.

Transforming data into action

Using Direct Audits, a tool developed by Mitie, we will have a complete view of your entire estate and use this data to influence your day to day maintenance and long term investment decisions.

We start by ensuring you have accurate asset lists to work from. Our detailed asset survey process creates a comprehensive asset database for all of your buildings. Our integration with Maximo means this information is constantly up-to-date and accurate.

The data is then presented in easy-to-use dashboards. The dashboards are interactive and provide the functionality to drill down and view the asset data by site, building or individual specific asset type. These functions make this a truly unique and useful tool, enabling your capex planning and budgeting processes.

Using the data collected we will create a Forward Maintenance Future Spend Plan. This outlines the projected timeline for replacement of your assets. Working with you, we will help you track this spend and manage the delivery of the required works.

Direct Audits will also give you fully transparent, operational performance data including: a 52 week planner showing all planned tasks, reactive history, issues logged by our engineers and helpdesk and statutory compliance reporting.

The scope of Direct Audits doesn’t stop there; from the management of your building Fabric, to Fire Risk Assessments, Part M disability and Health & Safety Auditing, using Direct Audits will provide you with all the information necessary to make the most advanced decisions possible across your estate.