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Investing in our services

We’re the largest painting contractor in the UK, with a skilled workforce of over 1,800 people and local branches nationwide. That means we’re uniquely placed to offer you a full range of painting and decorating services.

We have experience in every kind of sector, from health and education, to housing, leisure and retail and we combine that with hands-on practical know-how and an outstanding record on Health and Safety. With our commercial decorators, we can easily plan, organise and manage an entire commercial painting project or property portfolio, leaving you free to concentrate on the rest of your business.

Helping take the cost out of commercial painting

With us as your commercial painting contractor, you’ll get the right paint for the right place, applied in the right way; saving you money. Our Programmed Painting Service and our partnerships with the UK’s largest painting manufacturers mean you can cut your costs without cutting corners.

All our commercial painters are fully qualified in surface preparation, prior-to-paint repairs, and the correct techniques to use in different environments, from schools, to hospitals, to homes and offices. We can handle every type of painting service you might need – whether internal or external, planned or cyclical maintenance, specialist coatings or historical property redecoration.  

The team

Kenny Robson

Director, Painting
Property Services

Neill Benham

National Sales, Bids & Marketing Manager
Property Services

Cyclical and maintenance painting

Our combination of national coverage and local attention to detail means that our painting team is expertly placed to deliver planned and cyclical painting services to clients across every sector.

When it comes to planned painting works, we know that every client has different needs and priorities, so we tailor our services to suit you. Schools and universities often need to fit painting maintenance schedules into the summer holidays, while landlords need a cyclical painting contractor who can provide a considerate service when working in residents’ homes.

We’ve developed strong partnerships with the UK’s leading paint suppliers, , including Crown, Dulux and Johnstone’s and they help us ensure that we’re making best use of their products and applying them correctly. We’re also partnering with Crown Paints on their smart maintenance programme, which is designed to prolong the useful life of your property by using sustainable products.

We’ve always believed that the most successful planned painting contracts are built on great relationships. Whether that’s with clients or suppliers, we know that regular, honest, and open communication adds real value to long-term partnerships. That’s why our customers keep coming back to us, time and time again.

Commercial painting repairs

We use only the finest paints, but we know that the quality of the finish will depend just as much on the thoroughness of the surface preparation done beforehand.

That’s why every surface we paint receives extensive preparation work, and if it’s needed, we’ll do prior to paint repairs before we start. From an initial clean or undercoat, to repairing window frames or doors, our team specialise in commercial painting repairs to all forms of carpentry and joinery, including plasterwork and masonry.

And because we’re trained in resin-based timber repairs, we can save you unnecessary costs by repairing windows and doors that you might otherwise have had to replace. And by carrying out these repairs as part of a preventative maintenance programme you’ll save money on future repairs, and prolong the life of your assets.

Internal and external painting contractors

Just over a year ago, our 1,800 skilled professionals breathed new life into over500,000 buildings through painting redecorations. As a dedicated external and internal painting contractor, we provide the highest levels of interior painting and exterior painting services on the market and also have an outstanding record on Health and Safety.

From historical listed buildings, to commercial and educational premises, we have the resources, skills, and expertise to tackle any type of commercial internal and external painting work.  But we know it’s not just about employing a good contractor - it’s also about delivering these services in a range of different environments.

Delivering unprecedented service - whether painting inside or out

We’ll work in partnership with you from day one to make sure our approach fits your needs and circumstances. Our flexible working practices mean that if you want us to work through the night to ensure your shop is ready for opening hours, or during the summer holidays when the schools are closed, then we will. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure we get the job done with minimal disruption to you and your customers.

So whether you need external painting for homes as part of your cyclical maintenance programme, or a one-off internal painting project for a historical building, we can guarantee you a quality finish and a total commitment to customer care.

Specialist coatings

With over 29 years’ experience as a painting contractor, and in specialist and industrial coating technology, we understand the importance of providing the right product for the right environment, and the huge difference this can make to prolonging the life of your assets.

We know that the right preparation methods and the right industrial paint coatings can help your property to withstand the harshest conditions. 

It’s all about understanding how materials behave in different environments and finding the right application technique and solution each time. Whether that’s by removing residual oil contaminants to increase paint adhesion, or applying corrosion-resistant paint to metals or galvanised surfaces to protect against the elements, we know what works best, and where.

We’ve worked on hundreds of buildings of all shapes and sizes, from shopping centres and schools to factories and pools, finding the right approach for each project and each budget. 

Our industrial coating services have ranged from providing anti-bacterial coatings in hospitals, to fire-proofing in public spaces, including cementitious spraying, heat resistant and intumescent coatings. We’ve done it all.

With stringent Health and Safety procedures in place, you can be sure your people and properties are always in safe hands.  

Listed building redecoration

Listed historical buildings are considered to be important to our national heritage, but they often hold a unique place in the hearts of the communities they’re situated in as well, which is another reason why they need special care.

That’s where we come in. Our team of experts are fully qualified for listed building renovations, from prior to paint repairs, to marbling, gliding, and graining - our skilled team are familiar with all the specialist products and methods needed to protect and paint listed buildings. Therefore, we make the ideal choice for historic building restoration.

We’ll always come on-site and survey your property at the start of the project, so that we fully understand the particular needs of your listed building, and can effectively plan and budget for the work. You can be sure you’ll always receive a professional, high-quality service that ensures your property will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Ceiling Repair (ProCoat)

At Mitie we know how hectic office life can be and very often employers put off redecoration and refurbishment projects because they’re afraid of the disruption it will cause to their people and business.

That’s why we’ve made our ceiling refurbishment and maintenance service a completely non-intrusive process so you and your people can get on with running your business. Our team are approved suppliers of Pro-coat – a revolutionary ceiling refurbishment product that transforms offices to a clean and bright environment.

But there’s more:

ProCoat can save you up to 80% off the cost of replacing ceiling tiles and can be restored to their original brilliant white, without affecting their fire rating or acoustic value.

There’s no need to remove any fixtures and fittings from the ceiling so our team can complete the job quickly and easily.

Part of the ProCoat Solution involves applying a cleaning product which removes bacteria and dust from the ceiling, making offices a much cleaner and healthier environment.

The ProCoat solution doesn’t cause tiles to stick to the grid work so the area above the ceiling can always be accessed for maintenance purposes.

By choosing to paint your ceiling tiles rather than replacing them, no waste will be sent to landfill so you’ll be choosing the environmentally friendly option too!

Our ceiling painting process is carried out in four stages: Prepare, Protect, ProCoat and present you with a fully functioning office that will serve as a clean and fresh environment for your people.

Industrial paint coating services

With over 29 years’ experience in industrial painting, Mitie’s industrial painters have developed extensive knowledge and practical experience on the various techniques available for surface preparation and associated coating methods for the industrial environment.

We utilise the latest in painting systems and application techniques, ensuring you get an efficient and cost effective service every time. Whether it’s a factory, storage tank, bridge or warehouse, you can be sure our industrial painters know the right paint for the right place and the right technique.

We take in pride in understanding our customers’ needs

Before any commercial painting is carried out, we’ll make sure we fully understand your requirements; we’ll then provide a transparent quotation making sure we deliver the right industrial painting service for your business. We have branches all over the UK, so wherever you are in the country you’ll get a friendly industrial painting contractor that’s quite literally, right up your street.

Commercial wallpaper services

You’ll often hear our painters and decorators talking about wallpapering as ‘dressing up’ a room. Wallpaper can make an amazing difference to an otherwise featureless room, and really enhance the personality of your building.

Our people are experts in applying wall coverings of all types and designs, from historic wallpaper, to pulp and silk paper, bamboo, grasscloth, and traditional fabric and paper-backed vinyl. Not only this, but we work across all sectors, with special expertise in commercial, leisure, and residential environments, meaning we provide all our clients with the same levels of outstanding care and attention.

Our wider wallpapering services include paper removal, installation, wall lining, and treatments. Using the latest methods of application and contemporary decorating techniques, our teams can deliver an efficient and professional service, guaranteeing a perfect finish every time.

So, if you want to give your property that extra design flair and you want a reliable, experienced wallpapering contractor, we can do you a great job, on budget, and on time.

Painting by Design

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep your properties looking their best all year round? The main problems are often shrinking budgets and personal time consumption, which means that regular painting and property maintenance often slips down the priority list until it can’t be ignored any longer. That’s why we’ve developed Painting by Design.

So how does it work? Essentially, it’s built around you. 

We agree the length of the contract and the scope of the work, depending on what you need. It could be to repair and paint an entire property portfolio, both inside and out, or simply the outside of one building or even part of a building. In the first year, our team of experts carry out essential repairs and paint your building so it looks like new. In the following years, we’ll clean down dirty surfaces and repair damaged paint work to maintain the same great finish, using only the best products from the best suppliers. And after that it’s up to you how long you want the contract to run.

One of the key advantages is that the cost of the initial paint work and repairs is spread equally over the term of the contract, along with the annual maintenance service, which means you don’t have to worry about getting one big bill in the first year.

The other benefit of programmed painting solutions is that the annual work ensures that any potential issues are spotted and dealt with early on, before they develop into an expensive problem down the line.