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Housing futures

We understand the challenges the housing sector is facing, and through a variety of tailor-made schemes, we aim to maximise every asset and every opportunity. Doing this ensures we maintain a sustainable future for UK housing.

Investing in our services

In recognising this we offer strategic solutions to increase housing supply, generate extra income and improve energy efficiency to achieve a sustainable housing future.

Housing futures is the innovation arm of our value proposition. Within it sits a number of nimble propositions, all of which relate to driving a sustainable future for UK housing.

These propositions have been developed to work with you and explore unique opportunities to safeguard existing stock and meet the needs of the future, and within it, we cover:

Essential Housing - identifying vacant, derelict and un-utilised stock which can be refurbished and returned to a habitable condition, to develop into Hidden Homes

Energy services - a whole host of unique, market-leading ideas to improve the thermal efficiency of properties through a smart approach to energy saving measures and leveraging external funding, including our fuel switching solution

Technology-driven services - analysing building, compliance and economic data to make recommendations to clients on optimising their property and related services to enhance residents' wellbeing, including Clarity, our compliance and safeguarding solution.

Client success

  • Revenue to invest opportunities to ease financial pressures through sale of new units especially in high demand areas
  • Optimise existing asset base by up-scaling, refurbishment and modification rather than more costly new build schemes
  • Reduced risk with us taking part of the investment risk and only realising a return once sales or lettings revenue are achieved
  • Improved SAP ratings on existing stock delivered through energy improvement works at minimal additional cost

Customer success

  • New high quality homes provided, helping to get customers and their families into suitable accommodation as quickly as possible
  • Provides funding for enhanced investment works to existing customer properties based on sales revenue from any new units
  • Greater opportunities to remain in their preferred local area, as opposed to having to look further afield for available housing
  • Reduced fuel poverty and a warmer home to enjoy as a direct result of targeted energy efficiency works

Community success

  • A positive solution to a shortage of available development land
  • Positive regeneration and crime reduction
  • Improved aesthetics of local environment
  • Cleaner and greener community