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Partnership solutions

Our approach is simple, it fits around you. This enables you to keep control and make savings through shared ownership options, whilst we offer the very best technical, commercial and management expertise. Our three very distinct models provide you with all the benefits of outsourcing, while you get to keep control and ownership over the delivery vehicle.

Investing in our services

‚ÄčThese three delivery models are:
Joint Venture: A joint venture is a company that is set up, owned and operated by Mitie and our client, and possibly a third party.
Wholly Owned Subsidiary: A ring-fenced subsidiary company wholly owned by the client, with staff employed by the subsidiary. 
Managed Service: We support key elements of the service - depending on what our client wants or needs.
Under all three models, the core principles remain the same, with staff employed by a separate legal entity and our role to manage the core service. The key benefits are also the same – cost savings realisation through greater efficiency, a defined standalone brand, reduced risk (due to the client stake in the service) and gaining all the benefits of our market leading service delivery approach.

The team

Vicky Fordham-Lewis

Property Services

Richard Hughes

Partnership Development Director
Property Services

Client success

  • Greater flexibility to choose a solution which is right for you and will meet your bespoke needs and objectives
  • Direct cost savings through realisation of VAT saving on labour element of service, improved efficiencies and reduced TUPE liabilities
  • Gaining all the benefits of outsourcing to improve process and service efficiency whilst retaining control, ownership and future proofing
  • Commercialisation and increased income generation opportunities by pursuing vertical and horizontal market growth

Customer success

  • A trusted local brand within a localised and seamless service delivery model which is a natural extension to your organisation
  • An enhanced customer experience by adopting our sector leading resident liaison and customer focussed solutions
  • Increased customer satisfaction resulting from improved staff job security and cohesive working culture translating into better frontline service outcomes
  • Service continuity with no risk of customer disruption in the event of the managing agent role changing hands

Community success

  • Maximised social return on investment by harnessing the pooled expertise and resources of both organisations
  • An enhanced localised delivery focus translating into local job and supply chain opportunities, boosting the economy and jobs market
  • Opportunities for additional community investment as a direct result of JV profit revenues and VAT savings being reinvested
  • Opportunities to work with other social housing clients (through commercial growth) to deliver joined up social value projects