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The Connected Workspace

Mitie’s Connected Workspace is the culmination of 30 years of expertise in FM, listening closely to the needs, challenges and aspirations of our customers - and of our own employees. Comprising a set of inter-connected products and services, the Mitie Connected Workspace provides the information, intelligence and the tools to improve working environments in every aspect. Employees are happier, safer and more engaged, systems more resilient and secure, and infrastructure more sustainable and more efficient. By leveraging the convenience and accessibility of mobile and wearable devices, the feedback and intelligence of location-based technology, and the insight from instant, on-demand data analysis, Mitie has created a workspace connected like never before.

How does Mitie's Connected Workspace work?

The Mitie Connected Workspace (MCW) is a platform of inter-connected products and services with data at the core. Over time, the MCW gains intelligence, becoming able to predict problems before they arise, and notify opportunities ahead of the game.

Making the connection

Mitie’s own research, and that of a great many independent industry analysts, confirms a Connected Workspace is fundamental to optimising business performance now, and well into the future.

To provide our customers with the means to accelerate beyond FM to the truly connected workspace, Mitie is investing tens of millions in research and development, meticulously assembling a team of the brightest analysts and developers in the process.

In partnership with Microsoft, we’re combining and leveraging experience and expertise in FM, engineering, professional services, big data analytics and machine learning to form a uniquely powerful proposition.

Mitie’s Connected Workplace (MCW) is about saving money and improving performance by getting more out of existing assets and resources. Our extensive experience in providing seamless FM and doing the basics brilliantly, places us in the perfect position to identify how and where the Mitie Connected Workspace will maximise value for customers.

The result is a platform that not only collects data from multiple sources and devices in multiple business environments, but also combines and interprets it to provide the basis for transformational business decisions.

The Mitie Connected Workspace provides unprecedented opportunity to:

  • Reduce cost
  • Mitigate risk
  • Increase performance
  • Engage and delight people

This is achieved by providing:

  • Information about how people, places and processes are reacting and performing
  • Notification of problems and system failures before they even arise
  • Insight into how and where essential systems, processes and environments should be improved
  • Control over workspace systems and processes from anywhere, anytime

Your FM and CRE services powered by Mitie Connected Workspace

The MCW leverages the data Mitie already has to provide a new layer of intelligence to your FM and CRE services.

  • Strategy, operations and tactics - Decisions at every level, are no longer based solely on intuition and experience,
    but informed by data and insight
  • Our services align with your business objectives - We work to understand your business objectives and use data to enable us, to
    help you achieve them
  • On demand, and before demand - Our focus is on serving the demands of your people, not just the infrastructure.
    We flex services and resources to meet those demands and importantly, demands predicted by the MCW.
  • Support and enablement - Access to information and insight will help determine and reinforce your company’s FM and CRE strategy
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The team

Simon Venn

Managing Director
Professional Services

Chris Rowley

Managing Director
Professional Services

Paul Bhuhi

Head of Connected Workspace
Professional Services

Christopher Timms

Sales Director
Engineering Services & IFM

Nick Lees

Operations Director, Connected Workspace
Professional Services

Alejandro Navarro

Head of Strategy and Development
Professional Services

John Wright

Solutions Director
Professional Services

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