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How does Mitie's Connected Workspace work?

The Mitie Connected Workspace (MCW) is a platform of inter-connected products and services with data at the core. The data, produced by apps, sensors and other devices and sources, is analysed and interpreted to provide insight. The insight empowers users to identify, and react to patterns, trends and behaviour, through a host of apps, portals and wearable devices. Over time, the MCW gains intelligence, becoming able to predict problems before they arise, and notify opportunities ahead of the game.

The Connected Workspace in action

How it works in commercial offices

How it works in retail

How it works in manufacturing

Using the Mitie Connected Workspace

The MCW is applicable at every level to every facet of the
modern workspace. But rather than being complicated as a result, it is available in simple, modular form.

The modules correspond to six common workspace imperatives: Resilience, Security, Utilisation, Sustainability, Experience and Wellbeing.

Of course, it’s possible to utilise the MCW for one module only, but the MCW comes into its own when used to connect multiple modules.

The modules


Every aspect of the journey and the experience your customers have with your people, your places and your processes.


The efficiency at which buildings and facilities are utilised.


The ability and level at which infrastructure, assets and processes can operate to specification and withstand problem scenarios.


The security of workspace environments.


Data-driven decision-making provides the ability to conform to legislation, minimise wastage, optimise energy usage, and reduce environmental impact.


People's health and happiness at work.

The components

Data gathering

Data gathering devices and sensors are deployed at critical locations throughout the workspace. For example, they may be used to monitor desk usage to help make hot-desking facilities more efficient. They may be used to monitor CO2 levels to maintain optimum air quality and reduce environmental impact. They may be used to gauge footfall in retail environments. Whatever the application, Mitie will identify the best devices to match objectives. Importantly, we’ll even integrate with existing data gathering devices if and when requested.


Unlike many of the connected devices used in the consumer environment - and many corporate environments - the data stored and accessed by the Mitie Connected Workspace is compatible, regardless of the nature of the devices and systems providing the raw information. This is an important distinction as it means systems and facilities are monitored as a whole rather than in isolation of each other.

Artificial intelligence and analytics

Artificial intelligence and analytics form the interpretation and learning component. Data produced by sensors and systems is analysed for patterns and trends, and accessed for reports and monitoring purposes by the various user interfaces (component 5).

Automated systems

Where regular maintenance is required, the Mitie Connected Workspace initiates procedures automatically. More significantly, it also automatically reacts to unforeseen issues, triggering remedial action as and when needed.

User interface

Users at all levels of the workforce interact with the Mitie Connected Workspace in different ways using different entry points. With meeting room bookings made easy, meal preferences known, and temperatures kept constant, office staff enjoy a smoother
journey through their working day. Cleaning staff utilise location-based wearable devices to help notify them of when and where cleanup is required. Maintenance and engineering staff access apps to report and monitor systems and infrastructure usage. Facilities managers access dashboard systems to report utilisation of buildings, deskspace and energy usage.

Drawing upon the experience and expertise of Mitie’s FM and professional services teams, the Mitie Connected Workspace is implemented seamlessly, in close partnership with clients.

The team

Simon Venn

Managing Director
Professional Services

Chris Rowley

Managing Director
Professional Services

Paul Bhuhi

Head of Connected Workspace
Professional Services

Christopher Timms

Sales Director
Engineering Services & IFM

Nick Lees

Operations Director, Connected Workspace
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Alejandro Navarro

Head of Strategy and Development
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John Wright

Solutions Director
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