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Why engagement matters

We introduced a new culture team into the business, dedicated to improving the motivation and engagement of our people. Why? Because we’re a people business and research shows that employee engagement levels correlate with better financial performance and higher levels of innovation.

The stats speak for themselves:

  • 59% of engaged people say work brings out their most creative ideas, while only 3% of the disengaged agree (Gallup);
  • 67% of engaged employees advocate their organisations, with only 3% of the disengaged doing the same (Gallup);
  • engaged employees take 2.7 sick days per year, while those considered disengaged take 6.2 (Gallup).
  • Engaged employees are also 87% less likely to leave an organisation than the disengaged.

Some estimates put the cost of high turnover among disengaged employees and the cost of replacing each employee at equal to an annual salary (Engaging for Success, Macleod et al).

Looking ahead

We will be developing a comprehensive approach to wellbeing over the next year to help improve the financial, physical and mental health of all 53,000+ Mitie people. Personal wellbeing ,in particular mental health, was mentioned frequently in this year’s Misay survey – a trend supported by the World Health Organisation which estimates that one in four people will be affected by mental health illness at some stage in their lives. The Health and Safety Executive also estimates that stress costs business £3.8 billion a year.

As well as developing a robust wellbeing and occupational health strategy over the next 12 months, we will be progressing with our newly-established wellbeing calendar to help promote the main health awareness days world-wide, and the ways our employees can prevent, identify and treat disease.

We will also continue to drive awareness of and engagement in our employee assistance programme (EAP), providing free, confidential and independent advice and guidance on a range of topics including home life, work life and wellbeing for our people and our confidential Speak Up service for employees who become aware of issues relating to bullying and harassment, discrimination, health and safety, and fraud.

To reflect our internal wellbeing efforts, and in recognition of the growing interest in health and wellbeing amongst our clients, we have recently created a wellbeing team which sits within our sustainability business.

Wellbeing also plays an important part in our new Connected Workspace proposition which, amongst other things, utilises technology and data to enhance employees’ experience of the workplace.

Our wellbeing team is focused on providing wellbeing consultancy to clients across a range of sectors, from commercial right through to social housing and retail.

The success of this wellbeing offer is shaped by a number of factors that include:

- The recent emergence of new building performance standards, eg, WELL Building Standard, FitWell, RESET, which focus on the health and wellbeing of the building occupants.

- An improved understanding of the impact of poor wellbeing on performance and productivity.

- A growing awareness of the part that mental health plays in overall wellbeing. Stress has been labelled the ‘health epidemic of the 21st century’ and is now thought to account for 45% of all working days lost in the UK.

 - The importance of offering wellbeing consultancy on a continued basis throughout the lifecycle of a contract. Many of the latest performance standards (mentioned above) ensure buildings achieve a certain level, however, it is vital that these standards are maintained once the building is in use.

Mitie’s wellbeing consultancy covers the broad wellbeing spectrum, addressing the physiological, psychological and sociocultural elements of our clients’ wellbeing strategy.