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Having the highest ethical standards and being able to show that we stick to them is fundamental to Mitie’s ability to succeed as a business over the long term.

Our approach

A responsible company is one that will succeed and continue to grow, which is why we take our ethical business framework very seriously. Introduced in 2014, our code of conduct, One Code, provides the guidance and support necessary for everyone at Mitie to behave in the right way. It helps our people understand Mitie’s values and the responsible behaviours that underpin them.

One Code remains a key part of our induction programme as well as a priority in our internal communication plans, and we operate a confidential whistle-blowing service, Speak Up. for anyone wishing to make a complaint outside the usual management channels.

Our code of ethics lays down our core values and the responsible behaviours that underpin them. We expect our people to follow the code at all times and we use our influence to encourage our suppliers and partners to observe its principles too.

One Code covers all of the ethical issues that face our business every day. We have split the code into three areas and explain the issues and behaviours that we expect from our people. The first is “Our people” where we explain how we conduct our operations responsibly from the perspective of health and safety, sustainability, diversity and equality. The second is “Our business” which covers bribery and corruption, gifts and hospitality, conflicts of interest, responsible partnerships with our suppliers, competition and dealing in Mitie shares.

The final area is “Our integrity” which includes sections on protecting our business assets, information management and security, data protection and the management of confidential information, political relationships, communicating with the outside world and financial and non-financial accounting and reporting.

Read One Code, our code of conduct

Modern slavery act

We recognise our responsibilities to society in relation to our supply chain. We actively engage with our suppliers to ensure that they share our values and comply with relevant legislation. We welcomed the introduction of the 2015 Modern Slavery Act and the provisions within Section 54 covering supply chain transparency in the Home Office guide. We will not tolerate human trafficking, slavery or forced labour of any type.

Human rights

Mitie is committed to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the International Labour Organization convention. Protecting and preserving human rights in every territory we operate in is embedded in our culture and fundamental to our company values. This is reflected in our policies and actions towards our people, suppliers, clients and the communities and countries where we do business.

What we achieved

Since we introduced One Code we have included it in all of the induction sessions for our new people and have trained our existing people as well. Our people survey Misay has shown that we are making progress. 86% of our people said that they were treated fairly by the people they work for. However, 39% of our people said that they did not feel that their pay was fair for the work that they do. This is an area we need to look at and over the next year we will be working out what is behind this result and looking at what we can do to change our people’s feelings in this area. In addition to the code there are other issues that have been addressed this year.

Looking ahead

As the materiality review showed that ethics was an important area for both our own people and our stakeholders we have a 2020 target:

Ensure all our employees have read and understood our code of conduct

This target is intended to reflect how material ethical conduct is to both Mitie and our stakeholders. The way we intend to measure this is to look at how many of our employees have completed the in depth e-Learning course about the code of conduct. Since its rollout, over 4,000 people have completed the course.