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Governance and stakeholder engagement

How we manage sustainability

Mitie’s strategic objective is to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. We include the word sustainable because what matters is not just our financial performance, but how we achieve it. We believe in doing the right thing all of the time, allowing us to operate in an environment that delivers long-term results.

Sustainability structure

We have a sustainability steering group, made up of representatives from across the business who are involved in either operational delivery or support functions.

The steering group develops the sustainability strategy for Mitie. It proposes targets which are then approved by the Board. The steering group meets quarterly to monitor progress against targets and prepares both internal and external reports. The group reviews performance annually and evaluates whether the sustainability objectives for the year have been achieved.

The day-to-day activity happens within our operating businesses. The businesses are supported by specialists in HR, health and safety, supply chain management and environmental management where appropriate.


Stakeholder engagement

We use stakeholder engagement to develop and improve the way we do things. From policies and commitments to operational activities, engaging with all our stakeholders helps us build on our strengths and address our weaknesses. We communicate with our stakeholders in a variety of ways, choosing those most appropriate for the audience and the message at any given time.

Investment community

  • Providers of capital
  • Assess/rate our performance
  • Influence our reputation

Examples of engagement activity

  • IR programme
  • 121 meetings
  • Results presentations
  • CDP survey completion
  • Website investor section

Governments and regulators

  • Influence macro and political framework we operate in
  • Influence work we secure (public sector)

Examples of engagement

  • Direct meetings
  • Participation in initiatives, regulation and policy working groups
  • Trade associations


  • Core asset
  • Present and future delivery of our business
  • Service quality
  • Influence our reputation

Examples of engagement

  • Internal communications (email/publications/intranet/extranet)
  • Annual employee survey
  • Annual appraisal meeting
  • Employee roadshow events
  • Speak Up/Whistleblowing service
  • Social media

Local communities

  • Supporting our operations
  • Partnering opportunities
  • Influence our reputation

Examples of engagement

  • Community programmes (The Mitie Foundation)
  • Community liaison officers (Social Housing)
  • Events and publications
  • Website and social media


  • Help us deliver quality services
  • Partnering for innovation
  • Influence our reputation

Examples of engagement

  • Formal and informal meetings
  • Annual supplier forums
  • Ecodesk emissions auditing
  • Website and social media
  • Modern slavery assessment


  • No business without them
  • Push us to innovate
  • Influence our reputation

Examples of engagement

  • Formal and informal meetings
  • Executive Research Programme surveys and events
  • Annual satisfaction survey
  • Publications
  • Website and social media
  • Completion of CDP supplier surveys