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Mitie is a large and diverse business. Our requirements for supply chain partners are as diverse as the services we offer our clients – and with 10,000+ partners we operate a robust framework to make sure we’re working with the right people.

Our approach to procurement is based on four principles:

  1. We uphold ethical business practices and comply with legislation
  2. We understand the risks and complexities of the products and services we procure, and are able to respond to performance issues appropriately
  3. We influence the priorities of our key suppliers so that they align with ours and those of our clients to ensure a sustainable service provision
  4. We ensure diversity is embedded throughout our supply chain

As part of the induction of new companies to our supply base we follow a detailed on-boarding process which involves due diligence checks and a review of safety accreditation. We also review their sustainability credentials and approach to managing their own policies in relation to sustainability, environment, health and safety.

We also require suppliers to confirm acceptance of our code of conduct One Code, terms and conditions, our guidance and expectation on modern slavery and all other policies and procedures with which they are required to comply. All of these documents are available on our external website which makes our expectations clear, and improves the accessibility and transparency of our processes for suppliers.

We work with many SME and 3rd sector organisations and we are aware that not all suppliers have established structures and people in place to manage an equivalent corporate approach; so we tailor our needs accordingly and, where appropriate, support those suppliers in developing their own policies, procedures and good practices. We also take advice from organisation such as Stonewall and Business in the Community to remove barriers and to encourage diversity in our supply chain.

We procure a broad and diverse range of goods and services and through our supply base we are able to offer clients value for money solutions without creating unnecessary risk to their business and operations.

We encourage each business to achieve awards and accreditations that are specific and more appropriate to their environment and industry, forging Mitie-wide accreditations.

To monitor our progress against sustainability metrics we provide reporting to the executive management team. We record these key sustainability metrics and will continue to feed in additional information to support the sustainable aims of the business such as supplier assessments and product innovation.

We include sustainability in the road map of the procurement department and encourage local and sustainable sourcing opportunities. Within procurement team performance reviews we set objectives that include attendance of quarterly and annual forums, seeking relevant accreditations, and actively encouraging volunteering in the community.

In order to get a clearer picture of our supply chain emissions, we included our top 500 suppliers in a call for information on the Ecodesk portal. Part of this project will included a database cleanse, to ensure we engaged with responsible organisations and monitored and maintained information utilising Ecodesk’s help.

Looking ahead

We will continue supporting the members of our supply chain, where appropriate, in developing their own approach to sustainability. This will include regular supplier performance management and relationship development to bring forward sustainable improvement and innovation.

We will be looking to work with Ecodesk to conduct more focused supplier assessments to progress the work completed in our previous project. This will include qualitative analysis of their programmes in addition to the measurable data we have gathered so far.

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