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Targets to 2020

Ensure all our employees have read and understood our code of conduct. 

This is a new target intended to reflect how material ethical conduct is to both Mitie and our stakeholders. The way we intend to measure this is to look at how many of our employees have completed the in depth e-Learning course about the code of conduct. Since its rollout, over 4,000 people have completed the course.

Achieve 100% confidence in management when it comes to Health and Safety.

In our last employee survey 89% of respondents agreed their line manager took their health and safety concerns seriously. Our target is 100%.

Achieve 90% employee engagement based on Mitie’s proprietary model.

Our score this year based on an employee survey is 76%.
This is an increase of 2% on last year.

Improve client satisfaction to achieve a Net Promoter Score of 25%

Our Net Promoter score is 21%, which is a 1% increase on last year.

Embed diversity in all our practices (achieve 90% diversity score based on Mitie’s proprietary model)

90% of employees surveyed agreed they have equal opportunities regardless of gender, ethnic origin, disability, religion, age or sexual orientation.

Reduce our carbon footprint by 35%

So far we have achieved a 31% carbon footprint reduction. This is a 3.1% improvement on last year.

Dedicate 1% pre-tax profit to community investment, through the Mitie Foundation’s activities

Our community investment for the year represents 0.9% of our pre-tax profit.

Embed our values and beliefs in our supply chain

We continue to work with all our suppliers, collaborating with them to embed our values and achieve sustainable improvements that benefit them and us, as well as our clients.