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Working in the community

Enhancing Employability

In the last 12 months our employability team has made a conscious effort to focus on those people furthest from the job market, rather than chase numbers of candidates going through our Ready2Work programme. As well as working closely with local Jobcentre Plus offices, the Foundation team has supported candidates with disabilities, with experience of the criminal justice system, with refugee status and other disadvantaged groups.

To provide sustained and relevant support this has included working alongside organisations such as Remploy, Working Chance and Breaking Barriers, who all have expertise in their respective areas. The Foundation has also invited Mitie employees to nominate ‘friends and family’ for consideration for all Ready2Work programmes, which were run in Birmingham, Manchester, London and Leeds this year.

Over the next 12 months we will be focusing on supporting people furthest from the employment market. This includes people with disabilities, with experience of being in care, ex-offenders, refugees and people from low socio-economic backgrounds.


Our Ready2Work programmes will be introduced to new locations to match the evolving Mitie business. Cities will include Newcastle, Edinburgh and Liverpool, usually with a group of 12 candidates in each city.

Skills Centres

As well as continuing to support the Mitie Skills Centres attached to schools, we will continue supporting our first ‘Local Networks Academy’ linked to a local prison. This Garden Centre / Café / Academy will train serving prisoners approaching release in horticulture, landscaping, retail, barista and customer service skills, to meet local skills shortages.

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