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Forensic medical services

We work in partnership with our clients in the police and Home Office to deliver medical support services into police custody suites, sexual assault referral centres (SARC), and immigration and customs.

We currently deliver services to nine police forces and conduct over 75,000 medical interventions every year in 50 police custody facilities throughout England and Wales. Our experienced healthcare professionals are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that patients are assessed, their health needs addressed, and to support the police in conducting forensic medical examinations to gather evidence to support the criminal justice system.

Healthcare is an important step in the custodial journey; that's why we take an integrated approach to care management in partnership with local NHS networks, criminal justice teams and third sector providers, providing specialist care, identifying the correct healthcare pathways to support patients and promoting on-going good health. 

That's all backed up by a robust approach to clinical governance that focuses on continuously improving the quality of our services and safeguarding high standards of care. 


The team

Seb Stewart

Managing Director
Care & Custody Health