News 4 August 2021

Mitie Care & Custody awarded 2-year contract to manage new immigration removal centre for women on behalf of the Home Office

Replacing Yarl’s Wood as the main IRC for detained women, the services provided are based upon the current best practices for IRCs and provide increased staffing levels, improved use of modern technology within the IRC and enhanced investment in resident activity and welfare services; important steps in modernising the immigration detention estate.

Derwentside IRC (formerly known as ‘Hassockfield’ STC in County Durham) is currently undergoing refurbishment and will provide a smaller facility that will maintain the standards and high expectations for the detention of women.

This opens up nearly 200 hundred job opportunities within the local area; a chance for people to become part of a dynamic team through a diverse range of both entry level and leadership roles.

This win demonstrates the level of confidence the Home Office have in our ability to operate these IRCs providing a safe, decent, and respectful environment for residents pending the resolution of their cases.

Danny Spencer, Care & Custody Managing Director said:

“We’re committed to treating those in our care with dignity, decency, and respect and look forward to creating a safe and healthy environment for our residents on behalf of the Home Office”.

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