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Our culture

Everything we do at Mitie is underpinned by our vision and values. They form the basis of our culture and show our employees and the outside world what we’re all about and how we do things at Mitie.

Our vision

Inspiring change in the way people live and work.

Our values:


at service delivery, we must be the best at everything we do


always ask ourselves, why do I do it this way? How can I do this better? What else can I do?


– have fun and be passionate about what you do

Mitie Stars

Our Mitie Stars Awards scheme recognises and rewards our people for a job extremely well done.

Mitie Entrepreneurs

At Mitie, entrepreneurialism has always been at the heart of our organisation.

Mitie Entrepreneurs
Mitie's Got Talent

Do you work for Mitie and think you've got what it takes in the talent stakes?

Mitie's Got Talent

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