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Mitie & Esoteric Ltd

With Esoteric, Mitie delivers a truly integrated specialist security service, safeguarding everything that’s important to your organisation through technical surveillance countermeasures and counter espionage expertise.

Comprehensive protection for key assets and information

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With a foundation in technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), Esoteric specialises in proactively protecting sensitive conversations, information and assets from threats, attacks and espionage. Its services include bug detection, counter surveillance, radio frequency-shielded rooms, security risk analysis and physical security penetration testing. The team identifies potential vulnerabilities and implements threat mitigation, with additional expertise in evidence collection, allowing organisations to take action against theft, fraud or espionage.

Highly-experienced, accredited experts

Esoteric is the only UK company with an accreditation from the National Security Inspectorate for both electronic sweeping and covert investigations – a hallmark of excellence. With customers around the world, the company supports blue chip companies, government organisations and individuals.

This acquisition builds on our existing capabilities as the UK’s leading provider of technology and intelligence-led security services. Following the acquisition, we created Mitie Intelligence Services (MIS), which now delivers all specialist and bespoke security solutions.

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By combining Mitie’s industry-leading technology, our existing team of analysts and intelligence specialists, and the thousands of Security Operatives we employ at sites, with Esoteric’s counter surveillance expertise, we can offer our clients a truly comprehensive security service that protects against emerging threats.

Jason Towse, Managing Director, Business Services, Mitie

Combined power of Mitie and Esoteric

TSCM and bug sweeping
Our team uses advanced equipment to conduct physical and technical inspections to identify all forms of eavesdropping attacks.
Cyber TSCM
Enhanced TSCM inspections bridge the gap between traditional eavesdropping and cyber-attacks for your organisation’s most sensitive environments, including data centres and comms rooms.
Information security strategy
Working alongside your security teams, we’ll identify to protect confidential information more efficiently.
TSCM equipment
We provide independent TSCM equipment advice, procurement and training to deliver bespoke, efficient TSCM capabilities.
In-place monitoring with 24/7 countermeasures
With 24/7 bug detection, we protect confidential meetings from illicit eavesdropping devices such as concealed GSM bugs and mobile phones.
Physical penetration testing
Our experts assess the effectiveness of an organisation’s physical security processes and controls, addressing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
TSCM training
Delivered by leading security educators, our TSCM training courses and espionage awareness programmes reduce risks and support long term protection.
Covert surveillance
If you suspect a crime or fraudulent activity within your organisation, our bespoke covert surveillance services help you identify and gather hard evidence.
Shielded rooms
Our independent testing services confirm the effectiveness of a room at preventing transmissions entering, as well as offering shielded room consultancy.
Cyber espionage response and review
We’ll investigate actual or potential cyber espionage incidents to help your leaders take informed action quickly and efficiently.
Electromagnetic egress security review
We’ll help you understand whether your premises are vulnerable to information loss or attacks from opportunistic radio frequency (RF) interception.

Meet the team

Emma Shaw, Managing Director, Mitie Intelligence Services

Emma Shaw

Managing Director, Mitie Intelligence Services
Catharine White - Operations Manager, Esoteric Ltd

Catharine White

Operations Manager at Esoteric Ltd