From facilities management to facilities transformation

Our mission to transform your built environment.

Traditional facilities management practices are no longer fit for purpose.

A rapidly changing world needs the ability to react and adapt at lightning speed. Which is why your facilities partners should provide dynamic, efficient services that prioritise resilience and sustainability.

That’s why we’re no longer talking about facilities management. Instead, we’re dedicated to driving facilities transformation.

But what does that look like?

The built environment influences many things, from the wellbeing of your colleagues to your organisation’s impact on the environment. Transforming your estate is key to enhancing productivity, addressing sustainability concerns and seamlessly answering the changing needs of your people and organisation.

At Mitie, we use a combination of technology and in-house expertise to help customers reimagine environments and experiences, create healthier, more sustainable spaces and protect what matters most.

Our services cover cleaning, security, projects and engineering, and are aligned with three vital pillars of transformation.

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Why facilities transformation?

Discover five ways facilities transformation can enhance and improve your built environment.

Optimise asset performance and maximise productivity

With smart buildings, automated processes and interconnected technologies, you can answer vital questions like, “How does my estate compare to the best-in-class?” And, “How much should I spend to optimise performance?”

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Transform estates, workplaces and customer experiences

Create exceptional, people-focused and commute-worthy environments to attract talent, make better use of space and exceed the expectations of today’s hybrid workers.

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Create healthier, more sustainable spaces

Deploy flexible and reliable cleaning services that incorporate real-time data, spill detection, robotic cleaning and demand-led practices to embrace new efficiencies and drive sustainability.

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Protect people, property and assets

Protect what matters most with state-of-the-art risk and security services – including perimeter hardening, drones, facial recognition and AI cameras – that deter crime and keep people and properties safe 24/7.

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Accelerate the path to net zero

Find the best pathway to net zero and drive decarbonisation at the lowest cost with renewable energy solutions, battery storage, EVs, and a wide range of data-driven improvements to your built environment.

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Transform the built environment

We’ll keep you one step ahead of rapidly changing needs and create environments that reduce costs, increase efficiency and deliver on your net zero ambitions. Providing everything from state-of-the-art security and data-driven cleaning to predictive maintenance and large-scale decarbonisation projects, we have every angle of your transformation covered.

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Transform experiences

Apply the latest methodologies and innovations to deliver what matters most to your people. Our experts have years of experience creating colleague-focused and commute-worthy environments that attract top talent, improve productivity and wellbeing and adapt seamlessly to changing working patterns.

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Transform insights and decision-making

We use cutting-edge technologies including IoT sensors, remote monitoring, BIM, AI, data analytics and digital twins. These provide actionable insights into the performance of your estate – and establish the right projects to pursue. With a greater understanding of how your assets perform, you can achieve maximum efficiency and get more value from your investments, resources and operations.

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Technology at the heart of every action

We’ve invested over £145 million and six years creating a technology platform that’s unique to our industry. With building management systems, IoT sensors, workplace apps, data visualisation tools, AI-based chatbots and more, our platform provides rich insights and state-of-the-art experiences that support your organisation’s goals.

Listen now: Learn all about facilities transformation

Just as our world is changing faster than ever before, so too is the world of facilities management. Join the Workplace Geeks, Ian Ellison and Chris Moriarty, for The Science of Service Podcast. The series features some of Mitie’s high-profile partners and unpacks how technology is rewriting the rulebook of how and what FM companies deliver.

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Get ready for facilities transformation

How do you navigate a fast-changing business landscape?

Read our white paper to explore the most pressing challenges in facilities management today – and get advice from our experts on how to overcome them.

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Discover the cutting-edge technology at our Facilities Transformation Hub

We recently unveiled our Facilities Transformation Hub at our London headquarters. Learn how the pioneering technology at its heart is helping our customers to embrace five key trends and revolutionise their approach to the built environment.

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