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Fast, reliable telecoms systems are essential to maintain our national critical infrastructure. We provide unrivalled telecoms for our market-leading Acquisition, Design and Construction (ADC) services and maintenance capabilities.

We help you achieve the impossible. Wherever your sites are located, we’ll help you build the unbuildable.

Keeping Your Customers Connected

When you need reliable telecoms services for your customers, Mitie Telecoms can help you with every aspect of the service delivery. With our exceptional expertise in ADC services and maintenance (ADC+M), and a nationwide capability, we can meet any challenge in delivering your end-to-end telecoms services. It doesn’t matter where your site is; we have an unrivalled reputation for designing and building innovative solutions in remote and complex locations.

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Everything you need to get 5G-ready

From acquiring the site, to mast design and equipment maintenance, we provide everything you need without the hassle. We deliver efficient and affordable telecoms solutions to help you build, upgrade and maintain your telecoms infrastructure, and we’ll get you 5G-ready. When it’s time to move on, we can help you with the decommissioning. 

If you run big events that need temporary mobile structures, we also support you with managed services, bespoke structural engineering and design services. We make sure that your eventgoers and emergency services stay connected.


Upgrades of on-site towers


Deployments of temporary masts for specialist events


Design solutions for towers and associated infrastructure


New tower builds on new sites

A Telecoms Services Partner you can rely on

Your customers and critical infrastructure rely on your services to keep them going. So, you want to be sure they are accessible, efficient and always-on. As you roll out your 5G networks, your telecoms infrastructure will need to be fully integrated and robust. You’ll need a reliable and innovative services partner to be sure of that.  

Mitie Telecoms has an unrivalled track record of delivering and supporting the UK’s critical infrastructure through our market-leading ADC+M services. We are also experts at providing telecoms services for specialist projects and assets.

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End-to-End ADC+M Services

Using our knowledge and cutting-edge technology, our Acquisition, Design, Construction and Maintenance solutions help your telecoms operations to be more efficient and sustainable.

If you’re looking for a site for your telecoms structures, you can rely on Mitie Telecoms to take the hassle out of the acquisition and planning process. Let us know what you need, and our acquisition team will manage all the legal and planning aspects of finding the right site for you.  

We deal with everything from new site searches to landowner approvals and planning consent. If you’re negotiating additional rights on existing sites, we can do that too. Essentially, we act as your agent. You can rely on us to manage every aspect of the process.


  • We work with you, and your contractors, to ensure that you get all the necessary rights and consents for a smooth installation and completion.  
  • Our experience with landowners, site providers and local communities, means we can deal with planning concerns, on your behalf, for a more successful outcome. 
  • We support your build contractor with everything, including third-party access routes, discharge of planning conditions and production of schedules, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

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As a telecoms operator you know good design, and pioneering technology, is at the heart of every telecom network. We are experts in delivering innovative design solutions for the telecoms and broadcast markets. We design and build independent, secure-coverage networks for clients, including the MOD, blue light and security services. With that pedigree, you can be confident we operate at the highest level. 

Mitie Telecoms is one of the UK’s leading tower design companies. We deliver across the entire lifecycle – from concept to supply. You can choose from more than 30 designs and bespoke solutions, including: 

  • Standard 30m 5G towers 
  • 5G street work monopoles 
  • Above ground foundations for rapid deployment 
  • Drone surveys and digital twin tower mapping 
  • Specialist helicopter deployments 


  • It’s easier to plan when you can take your pick of equipment from one reliable source. 
  • Our vast experience in leading-edge design, and build capabilities, means you can be confident that we’ll find the best solution for you.
  • You can rely on solutions that are supported by innovative technologies including drones and digital twinning. 

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When building new telecoms infrastructure, or upgrading existing sites, you want to know that your construction team is the best available.  Our national rigging and building teams are highly qualified. They deliver permanent telecom structures to sites throughout the UK and Ireland. It doesn’t matter how remote the location is, or how difficult the terrain; we pride ourselves on building the unbuildable. 

As part of the 5G rollout, we work with telecoms providers and networks to upgrade sites. This includes everything from complete infrastructure upgrades to replacing towers on rooftops and streets. 


  • Highly qualified Instrumentation and Control (I&C) and maintenance rigging engineers have upgraded over 2,000 mobile sites with 5G capability, so you know yours will be in safe hands. 
  • Specialist power teams support most major distribution network operators and power management companies. You can be confident in our abilities to manage your telecoms build. 
  • Experience building telecoms infrastructure in difficult places means that we can help you deliver coverage and connectivity to the most remote and rural areas. 

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If you are responsible for keeping your clients connected, you want to know that the telecoms networks they can rely on, are robust and well maintained 24/7. Our nationwide team of highly qualified engineers and project managers take the hassle out of managing your telecoms infrastructure. 

Telecoms Connectivity is the smart arm of Mitie Telecoms. They can provide you with intelligent connectivity solutions that help you integrate and manage, new and existing infrastructure. Constant monitoring, intelligent use of data, and early mitigation help keep your telecoms assets working at peak performance. 


  • Peace of mind is provided by access to 24/7 operational support for your networks. 
  • Our innovative and cost-effective solutions help make your operations more efficient and environmentally sustainable. 
  • Better equipment integration with your existing infrastructure ensures that everything works as it should. 
  • Easy access to intelligent analytics and actionable insight helps to improve efficiency. Data from telecoms infrastructure can be analysed in real time to identify inefficiencies, predict potential issues, and reduce operational costs. 

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If you need Specialist telecoms infrastructure for a special event you want to know that your supplier can be relied on to deliver on every level. Mitie Telecoms is the largest provider of temporary towers in the UK. We’ve worked with most mobile network operators in the UK and Ireland. Our large stock of mobile cells, gravity base towers and masts means you can fully rely on us to accommodate your construction needs on specialist projects. If your mobile structures are critical to the telecoms coverage at a special event or festival, you can rely on our teams to support you and keep everything going.  

We design temporary structures tailored to your operator requirements. We also manage, maintain and upgrade, operator assets to ensure they are good-to-go on demand. 


  • You can be confident that all equipment is available and telecom structures are properly designed, built and maintained. 
  • Peace of mind if you are responsible for managing the telecoms and emergency systems for special events and festivals. You can be sure the emergency and blue light services will be established and properly prioritised. 

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