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Commercial waste management company

At Mitie we aim to transform how organisations are managing their waste by implementing our resource, not waste programme. We put the client at the heart of resource management, by working as the organisation’s trusted partner.

No other commercial recycling or business waste management company can combine the financial strength of a FTSE 250 business with such an in-depth expert knowledge of the waste and recycling industry.

We’re passionate about our focus on our clients’ needs and can offer you not only significant cost savings, but a strong sustainability performance. We can streamline your supply chain and share our industry-leading expertise of best practice in commercial waste disposal, waste avoidance and recycling.

Watch our video and understand how your organisation would benefit from Mitie's resource not waste approach

Unlike other waste management companies, we’re not under any pressure to fill our own waste disposal facilities or energy-from-waste plants. That means we can work with different suppliers to find the best and most effective service for you.

Here at Mitie, we are able to base our own employees at your site to run your waste management facilities and help you achieve and maintain the same ISO 14001 standard we have ourselves.

We provide you with full monthly reporting, generated through our ISO 14001 management information system, along with accurate invoicing and outstanding customer service.

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