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We believe we have a responsibility to do everything we can to minimise our impact on the planet and reduce our carbon footprint, and we’re fully committed to doing this.

What we've focused on

Our total energy consumption in 2013/14 was very similar to our 2009/10 base year. This is an increase since last year, predominantly because of a net increase in the size of our estate with the acquisition of Enara (rebranded to MiHomecare).

However, our energy intensity, in terms of total kWh per £m revenue is 19% lower than in our base year, and 22% lower in terms of total kWh per employee.

As in previous years, our total vehicle fuel consumption dominates our carbon emissions, representing 89% of total scope 1 and 2 annual CO2e emissions. Our average fuel consumption per litre, as a measure against revenue, has shown a decrease of more than 6%.

This has been helped in no small part by our fleet procurement policies, installation of telematic tracker systems across 90% of our commercial fleet and bringing our average passenger vehicle emissions to an all-time low

Our average water consumption is just over 0.49m3 per average employee number, this is 5% lower than in the base year.

Our waste management continues to be a challenge because of the large number of waste management contractors and our high proportion of landlord serviced properties. Our total waste volumes have increased, driven by a net growth in estate size.

2020 target

Reduce our carbon footprint by 35% (compared to 2010 baseline and measured as Co2e/£m revenue)
*Compared to 2010 baseline and measured as Co2e/£m revenue.

Performance highlights


carbon footprint reduction


reduction in energy intensity


of our fleet is trackable

Looking ahead
Fuel remains our main challenge as it represents 89% of our carbon emissions, and whilst technology has helped us to get where we are now, and we will continuously look at how new vehicles can reduce our impact; we know the next real improvement will come from better driving behaviours across the business. This is why we will concentrate on fuel efficient driver training both on the learning zone and on our driving simulator; and why we will carry out regular surveys across our driving population, determining if attitudes are changing towards greener ways of driving on business.

In 2014/ 2015 our property team will ensure a holistic waste solution is implemented, via our internal waste specialist team, and will ensure that Automatic Meter Readers are installed to our principal properties.
Environmental report 2014

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