News 6 March 2024

Mitie launches “Emissions Intelligence” service in partnership with Salesforce

  • The new managed carbon reporting and reduction service will enable organisations to have confidence that they are on track to achieve their net zero commitments and comply with regulation
  • Combining Mitie’s built environment and energy management expertise with Salesforce’s market-leading Net Zero Cloud ESG management platform, the end-to-end service streamlines and simplifies carbon data collection, reporting and reduction
  • ‘Emissions Intelligence’ is the latest addition to Mitie’s ‘Plan Zero’, a suite of services to support organisations to decarbonise, improve efficiency and secure their energy supply

Mitie has launched a new managed carbon reporting and reduction service, ‘Emissions Intelligence’, to empower organisations to be more confident in their emissions reporting and improve their efficiency, as well as increase the transparency of their progress towards net zero goals.

Mitie’s extensive experience in decarbonising the built environment has informed the features included in the ‘Emissions Intelligence’ service, as has feedback from ESG leaders on their specific reporting challenges. With the administration around carbon reporting, continuously evolving legislation and scarcity of sustainability skills named amongst the biggest burdens for many organisations in meeting their carbon reporting obligations, this end-to-end service – developed with Salesforce – has been designed to alleviate these pressures, helping organisations overcome the challenge of capturing and analysing high volumes of data, providing decision-useful information to guide their ESG strategy and carbon action plans.

As an experienced carbon consultancy partner, Mitie already works with a range of household names including Lloyds Banking Group, Vodafone, Royal Mail and Essex County Council. Decarbonisation projects have led to significant improvements across buildings and saved hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO₂.

The new ‘Emissions Intelligence’ service combines Mitie’s decarbonisation expertise with Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud’s complete ESG management platform that enables organisations to house all their environmental, social, and governance data in one place and connect it with other data and systems in the organisation. With robust environmental capabilities, the platform spans scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions, supplier engagement and carbon, waste and water management. It also incorporates social and governance metrics. Its What-If analysis’ tool gives organisations the ability to rapidly assess strategies and their impact on future carbon emissions and the bottom line.

With Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud providing the software ‘backbone’, Mitie will provide a fully managed, end-to-end service leveraging its 1,000-strong team of sustainability specialists and access to ESG data. Mitie’s team will capture the data, identify carbon reduction pathways, assist in building business cases, track the results and finally prepare carbon disclosure reports as required. Mitie’s extensive decarbonisation portfolio, from solar PV to heat pumps and battery storage, can help organisations implement their reduction plans as well as manage decarbonisation projects on the ground.

The ‘Emissions Intelligence’ service puts customers in a stronger position to produce audit grade reports, comply with current regulation and prepare for future regulation. Reporting can be tailored to major ESG reporting frameworks such as the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), which aligns to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and regular platform updates will be available to ensure reporting remains cutting edge.

Phil Bentley, CEO, Mitie said:

“Efficient carbon reporting is an absolute necessity for businesses today. Not only is it a catalyst for achieving net zero but it is a ‘must have’ for customers, colleagues and investors alike. Our ‘Emissions Intelligence’ service is designed to ease the reporting burden through technology at a time when organisations are faced with ever more stringent regulatory requirements.

“By pairing our extensive decarbonisation capabilities with Salesforce’s technology, we can seamlessly unlock emissions intelligence for our customers. With long-established relationships with customers from across the built environment, we understand the complexities organisations in all sectors are facing as they work towards net zero.”

Zahra Bahrololoumi CBE, CEO, Salesforce UK and Ireland said:

“As ESG reporting goes from voluntary to mandatory, the pressure companies face both in terms of business opportunity and the unprecedented risk to address reporting and ESG metrics has never been greater.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Mitie to help scale action on the climate emergency and deliver a complete ESG management solution that combines data and AI with the trusted and flexible Salesforce platform. We believe our combined strengths — digitised carbon reporting and reduction, embedded with facilities transformation — will accelerate the progress of UK businesses on the path to net zero. As business leaders, we all have a responsibility to improve the state of the world by serving all stakeholders – including the planet.”

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