Video 21 July 2021

Webinar: The Carbon Challenge: how your organisation can beat the rising cost of carbon

Carbon prices are expected to rise significantly in the next decade due to tougher climate goals. In this webinar, recorded in July 2021, we explore the impacts and how we can manage it.

In May 2021, the Benchmark EU Carbon price hit €55/t for the first time and prices are predicted to exceed €100/t by 2030. Unless organisations act quickly the impact will soon be felt on their bottom line.

Watch the webinar and hear from experts in the fields of energy research, decarbonisation solutions and policy development to find out how your organisation can mitigate the risks. We were joined by guest speakers from Rolls Royce, University of Sussex & BEIS who shared their experience and plans to reduce their organisation’s carbon impact with low carbon heating and renewable technology solutions.

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