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We’re changing the conversation about waste. From throwaway culture, to circular economy.

With our resource-not-waste philosophy, we’re not driven to empty more bins or dispose of more waste. We want to eliminate it before it’s even created. With Mitie, you can reduce waste creation, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce costs.

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Little Rubbish Stories

Through Mitie’s unique Science of Service® approach, we use innovation and insight to deliver real impact. Read these case studies to understand how Mitie can help you on your waste journey.

Supporting a healthcare giant

We were tasked with maximising the number of resources that could be extracted from a medical organisation’s waste streams, ensuring zero waste to landfill.

We helped them reduce their carbon impact by cutting the amount of waste destined for landfill, and instead creating energy from waste. We developed a long-term strategy to extract reusable materials from waste streams and use them for new products.

The organisation has now achieved ‘zero to landfill’ accreditation that has been independently verified. Their on-site recycling rate now averages 41% and total recycling is 85%.

Man wearing a white lab coat and stethoscope sitting on top of an oversized yellow 'sharps' needle bin

Reducing waste for a major retailer

Regular deliveries of ten tonnes of bananas were arriving at a supermarket distribution centre in crates. Transferring the produce to the supermarket, and then sending the empty trays back to the warehouse, was creating a lot of waste from transit packaging.

The supermarket was fed up with this waste, so asked for our help. We produced a returnable box for the bananas to travel in. This could be placed straight on the shelf in-store, and then returned for cleaning and re-use. Thanks to our solution, transit packaging was eliminated.

Woman lying back on an oversized bunch of yellow bananas

Optimising the waste journey at a large UK airport

The airport decided that there was too much waste going to ground. With over 18 million passengers each year, it’s little surprise that waste levels were soaring. We committed to help the airport achieve optimal waste practices on-site, including the introduction of a recycling practice, with an aim to achieving zero waste to landfill.

We analysed the waste data from site and suggested improvements. We sourced local service suppliers to reduce vehicle movements – and therefore carbon emissions. And we bulked most recyclable materials to achieve maximum revenues.

Man in a suit sitting on the nose of a small commercial aeroplane

Delivering zero landfill for large manufacturing client

Our manufacturing client blends dry mixed spices, which are used as flavourings for domestic and business use. Traditionally, any food waste material was collected and placed into the general waste stream, which was sent to landfill. However, our client enforced a zero landfill policy and subscribes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our solution included placing Dolav boxes next to the general waste bins to segregate food material at source for it to be processed separately. Then, we secured an anaerobic digestion route, in which bacteria breaks down food waste without oxygen, to divert 100% of the waste away from landfill.

Over the first year, we have diverted 481 tonnes of food away from landfill, saving 3,292 tonnes of CO2 with a cost reduction to the client of over £19,000.

Man in hi vis sweeping up a large pile of orange dust with a broom

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Think Resource, Not Waste

We begin at the end, seeing an opportunity to eliminate waste before it’s even created. Analysing your waste journey to provide practical, actionable insights. Whether that’s hazardous waste, clinical waste, office waste or everything in between, we deliver innovations such as sensors and mini recycling facilities to help you minimise waste and maximise impact.

Mitie employee putting discarded cardboard in a waste disposal unit

Addressing the Waste Hierarchy

It’s time to focus on the first steps in the waste hierarchy; reduce and reuse. We know that understanding why you’re generating waste makes it easier to see what you can do about it, and ultimately support your waste reduction goals. Everything we do follows the waste hierarchy of reduce, reuse, recycle and only then, remove.

Different coloured bins for different types of waste

Decarbonisation, Delivered

Maybe it’s time to bin old ideas about waste companies.

Mitie and our network of suppliers and partners offer you something unique. As we don’t operate waste facilities or fleets of vehicles, you get complete commitment and independent thinking – without any conflict – to helping you prevent, reduce, reuse and recycle.

For any budget, workplace or industry, there are opportunities to save money while improving performance. Our long list of awards and customers are proof that our approach delivers powerful outcomes.

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Awards & accreditations

See why we’ve won awards in helping organisations of all sizes on their path to manage their waste.

  • Green Apple
  • National Recycling Awards
  • Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management
  • CIWM
  • ISO14001
  • ISO9001
  • OHSAS18001
  • SafeContractor
  • RoSpa
  • CHAS
  • Investors in People
  • Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register
  • WasteSmart training approved (CIWM)

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