We have over 30 years’ experience providing a full range of commercial recycling services that can accommodate every budget and work environment. Through our unique ‘resource not waste’ philosophy, we not only increase recycle rates but also work to prevent waste in the first place. This helps save you money while improving your environmental performance.

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Our sole focus is to deliver best practice waste treatment and recovery services. We use our established supplier base to carry out the physical collection and re-processing of your waste, rather than operating our own waste facilities or vehicles. This means that, unlike others who maintain their own sites, we can totally focus on preventing, reducing, reusing and recycling your waste.


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Our sustainability-led approach

Our ‘resource not waste’ philosophy prioritises waste avoidance and minimisation through a sustainability-led prevent, reduce, reuse and recycle approach.

We always start by looking at ways in which we can eliminate waste from being produced in the first place. This investigation can include avoiding the unnecessary consumption of goods and services. Alternatively, it might involve source reduction, whereby we will look at how you can reduce the volume, mass, or toxicity of products throughout their life cycle.

If we are unable to prevent the creation of some waste, we will then look into solutions to reduce the amount of waste created. Reduction efforts might include decreasing the use of ‘virgin materials’ – those materials that have never been used before – or energy conservation. It could also include ways in which your organisation can create less pollution or reduce the toxicity of your waste.

We will explore ways of reusing the materials internally or across your sites. This might include eliminating the need for disposable packaging by introducing a reusable packaging system. We also have a resource platform, WasteMatch, which allows us to find cost effective, ethical and environmental disposal routes for your surplus assets.

If we are unable to prevent, reduce or reuse the waste then we will provide the most effective recycling service so your waste will be turned into new products. Recycling products generally results in a material that is more energy-efficient, less polluting and more cost effective to produce, while avoiding the consumption of virgin materials.

We can recycle everything from mixed recycling, food, confidential, paper and cardboard, clinical, hazardous and electrical waste, through a best practice process that complies fully with current legislation.

Everything we do is tailored to your exact needs – right from the start we’ll agree a strategic recycling plan that will save you money and improve your environmental performance. And by working in partnership with our customers, we typically attain over 90% recycle rates for them within 12 months.

In some circumstances the only solution is to explore additional forms of waste management.
This includes energy recovery options such as anaerobic digestion and incineration. These solutions both produce fuels which can be put back into the grid to create heat and power.

If other solutions do not address your needs, then landfill is the best and only option for us to dispose of your waste. This solution will only be used as a last resort as our ambition is to help you achieve zero waste to landfill.

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Mitie Waste have delivered excellent standards of operational, tactical and strategical performance in the three years they have been contracted to carry out Waste Management Services in the Midlands and South West regions for JLL Property and Asset Management finding themselves in an excellent position going into the extension review process.

They have proven that, as a broker they can deliver frontline services through an effective and robust network, whilst also collecting and collating country wide data; both useful and effective for both internal management information and external client presentation

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