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Empowering security strategy and operational decision-making to assure people, assets and environments. Mitie Intelligence Services delivers dynamic risk assurance through our Intelligence Hub, Intelligence Technology, and specialist Esoteric division.

Our Services

We can help prevent your organisation from suffering reputational harm, financial losses, damage to property and injury to life. We do this by helping to define policies and protocols that protect your people, assets, information and infrastructure. Our services include real-time intelligence alerts, threat analysis, penetration testing, risk assessments, embedded assurance managers, live scenario testing, TSCM and counter-espionage solutions.

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Intelligence Hub

Through our industry-leading Intelligence Hub, we provide actionable insight to empower security teams to make more informed decisions. Our Intelligence Hub services include real-time alerts for major incidents; reporting on upcoming and in progress protests, activism and urban exploration; providing data and insight to protect organisations from business crime; and provide national intelligence to assist customers with their portfolio management. Supported by our intelligence network of over 200 experts across the UK, our Intelligence Hub is integral to supporting our customers security decision making.

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Intelligence Technology

Our Intelligence Technology is crucial to ensuring organisations have the data and insights they need to make more informed decisions. Through our proprietary business intelligence software, Merlin 24/7, and Intelligence Hub App, clients can rest assured they have the actionable insights they need to make informed decisions based on data, and communicate this effectively throughout their teams.

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Our specialist Esoteric division focuses on evaluating and mitigating the risk posed to people, assets and environments. Our TSCM, Risk, Assurance & Counter-Espionage (TRACE) services combine tailored consultancy offering holistic security advice and a range of intelligence-driven counter-espionage solutions to mitigate risks.

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Our Methodology

Our Intelligence Methodology is Mitie’s Science of Service in action. Providing actionable intelligence and innovative technology solutions, ensures Mitie Intelligence Services positively impact our clients’ security decision-making, allowing them to make more informed decisions and be more agile in their approach to protecting their people, assets and environments.

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