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The science of accelerating the pathway to net zero

Mitie’s knowledge of workplaces, combined with our ability to execute a zero carbon strategy from assessment through to delivery, is we believe, unrivalled. Through our Plan Zero process, we help organisations go further, faster for less.

Having set our own aggressive decarbonisation targets in 2020, we have applied our learnings to help a variety of customers meet their own net zero ambitions.

There’s a science to decarbonising organisations, eliminating waste, improving biodiversity and at Mitie we combine, innovation and intelligence to deliver customer solutions with impact.

How Mitie helped a telecoms customer save £10m and 25,000 tonnes of CO2

Our telecoms client was serious about reducing its carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

  • Energy efficiency audits for 90 buildings
  • ISO50001 Energy Management Standard achieved
  • Further savings of 147 gigawatt hours (GWh) forecast over the next one and a half years

With a large estate, the client was already investing in solar and wind-powered base stations, sustainable end-user devices, energy-efficient data centres and recycling initiatives. In order to fulfil its ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, it enlisted the help of Mitie’s Plan Zero team to accelerate the journey to net zero.

Our Plan Zero consultants are experts in the built environment, renewable energy, transport and e-mobility, waste resources and biodiversity net-gain. Through establishing stretching targets and developing compelling commercial models, Mitie makes net zero happen. Mitie was the first facilities management organisation to commit to reaching net zero carbon by 2025, 25 years ahead of UK Government targets. Mitie was also the Positive Climate Action winner in the 2021 IWFM Awards. We have been ranked the number one business support services company globally for sustainability by Sustainalytics.

90 energy efficiency audits for offices, call centres, mobile telephone exchanges and data centres

Working closely with our client we audited 90 of their buildings for energy usage and efficiency. Checking each building’s lighting, heating and air conditioning systems we optimised the settings and made sure they were operating at the highest energy efficiency rating.

Sensors monitor energy usage in network critical infrastructure buildings

In locations where 24/7 power supply is essential such as such as data centres and Mobile Telephone Exchange sites we used our Connected Workspace sensors to provide real time data and insight.

Temperature sensors were deployed so that airflow could be adjusted remotely making sure equipment was stored correctly and energy saving opportunities were identified.

Similarly, in offices and call centres, sensors in air conditioning systems enabled air temperature to be managed remotely and at speed. This modification reduced energy use and improved the comfort of building users. Since 2017, the client’s data centres, offices and retail stores have been ISO50001 Energy Management Standard accredited.

Hibernating buildings on weekends, bank holidays and during lockdowns

Further energy savings were produced by helping the organisation to reduce the number of buildings open at weekends and on bank holidays. During the Covid-19 lockdown, many staff were required to work from home, which meant Mitie could use tried and tested processes to assist with the hibernation of more buildings than usual.

Mitie’s Plan Zero strategy has produced considerable savings of over 25,000 tonnes of CO2 and over £10m in energy costs for our client.

Mitie continues to support the client’s investment in solar and wind-powered base stations, sustainable end-user devices, energy-efficient data centres and recycling initiatives. Over the next one and a half years, we forecast the client will save a further 147GWh.

The efficiencies achieved are truly transformational and demonstrate that Mitie’s Plan Zero strategy enables organisations to accelerate their journey to net zero.

Get Decarbonisation, Delivered

We make decarbonisation of your built environment and fleet simple. Through our Plan Zero approach, you’ll reduce your carbon emissions, save costs and secure your energy supply.

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