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Mitie’s experts in EV charge points, associated infrastructure & software solutions are helping customers throughout the UK make the transition to an electric fleet.

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Electric Vehicles (EV) have already doubled their market share as a proportion of UK sales and by 2030 20% of vehicles on the road in the UK will be electric. As the demand for EVs grow so does the need for reliable charging infrastructure.

In this paper we simplify the complex topic of EV charging, explaining the different types of chargers, ownership models, fee mechanisms, electrical load management and more.

Webinar: Solutions to accelerate successful EV charging infrastructure rollout

EV charging infrastructure needs to be located across business, residential and public settings to ensure there is sufficient coverage throughout the UK. The benefits of installing EV charge points are vast, with reputational, environmental, and financial gains. To maximise the long-term advantages charge point strategies should be well informed and future proofed.

In our recent webinar, industry experts detailed solutions covering five main aspects of EV charging infrastructure strategies. Including home, office and public charging, the importance of software integration and how to utilise renewable power in your EV strategy.

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Case Study

A fantastic example of Plan Zero Assessment in action is our work advising a customer who is transitioning to an electric fleet. They have installed 28 charging points to date, however through our analysis of their car park occupancy, uptake of EV, planning requirements and the customers sustainability targets we identified that by 2025 they will require 43 charge points and by 2030 they’ll need 644. The report also assesses the infrastructure upgrades required to support the growth in charging points required.

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