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Mitie’s experts in electric vehicle (EV) charge points, associated infrastructure and software solutions are helping leading organisations make the transition to an electric fleet.

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Electrifying your organisation

We work with public and private sector organisations to support the transition to electric vehicles. We’ll help you prepare your people for the switch to EV, reach sustainability goals that safeguard the planet, maximise the financial benefits of fleet transition and boost your brand.

Supercharge your estate with EV

Did you know transport accounts for the largest proportion of Scope 1 and 3 carbon emissions worldwide? The transition to EVs is therefore the most significant way to reduce these. Leading organisations are already supporting their people, customers and suppliers to make the switch. If you haven’t started, now’s the time.

Mitie works with organisations across the UK to develop an appropriate EV strategy. We gain an understanding of your fleet and ESG goals to identify the impact of a switch to electric. In close collaboration, we design, build and install all the EV infrastructure your estate needs.

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Get your people into the EV driving seat

The transition to EV is not just about achieving your business goals, but it is also important to your people and the community around you. Even with small operational fleets, a comprehensive EV infrastructure strategy is critical to support net zero targets and make sure colleagues are on board with the plans. There are many benefits:

• Attract new talent by demonstrating your environmental commitment

• Retain your people by boosting morale by demonstrating your shared values

• Improve employee satisfaction by including access to convenient charging as part of the standard employee benefits package

• Help colleagues to save on vehicle fuel costs

• Support the move to EV for all colleagues, including those who cannot access charging infrastructure at home

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Mitie employee charging an EV company car

Accelerate your fleet into the EV fast lane

The government ban on new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles comes into effect in 2030. This means that for leading organisations, successful transition to EV is perhaps the most important of the many challenges they face today. The support of an experienced partner is critical.

With an award-winning fleet of over 3,000 EVs, Mitie has detailed experience of the process and can apply in-house knowledge to assist partners with their transition. As well as helping identify suitable EV’s for your organisation, we’ll develop a bespoke transition strategy and rollout plan, ensuring charging infrastructure is fit for purpose and deployed in the appropriate location and the right time.

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Power up your EV infrastructure

As more organisations and drivers make the switch to EV, there has been criticism of the necessary infrastructure failing to keep up with demand.*

With a marked upswing in organisations transitioning their fleets, Mitie has worked to ensure our partners have everything necessary to keep their vehicles on the road. This includes collaborating with fuel providers and service station operators to install new high-voltage, ultra-rapid chargers that make it easier to recharge quickly, thus reducing driver dwell time.

Increasing the number of chargers at client sites and on public forecourts is essential to enable the successful switch to EV.

* Electric car chargers: Almost one third of UK sites are in London – BBC News

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Electric charge being charged

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With Mitie you’ll never be better connected

As an Independent Connections Provider (ICP), we offer an end-to-end service for power connections through Rock Power Connections, a Mitie company. We design, build and install all power connections to make sure that you have the electrical supply you need, where and when you need it.

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An electrical substation at a Shell forecourt

Decarbonisation, Delivered

We make decarbonisation of your fleet simple. Through Mitie’s Plan Zero approach, you’ll reduce your carbon emissions, save costs and secure your energy supply.

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Solar panels charging by green trees and office buildings, with a yellow sun behind

Meet the team

Emma Chetwynd Jarvis ​

Head of EV Charging Connections, Rock Power Connections, a Mitie company
Headshot of Pradyumna Pandit, Managing Director of Sustainability and Energy

Pradyumna Pandit

Managing Director, Energy and Decarbonisation, Mitie
Matthew Dale, Head of Transport Consulting at Mitie

Matthew Dale

Head of Transport Consulting, Mitie
Alex Avila, Director, Head of Plan Zero Consulting at Mitie

Alex Avila

Director, Head of Plan Zero Consulting, Mitie


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